A woman wears a tie-dye sweater, while walking down the street.
8 Tie-Dye Sweatshirts To Make This Fall For Cozy Instagram & Chill Nights

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Saying goodbye to summer doesn't mean you have to bid farewell to your tie-dye obsession as well. The fun summer DIY projects you've been creating at home can fall into autumn, thanks to these tie-dye sweatshirt patterns for fall 2020. The end of September is time to trade in your crop tops for some cozy loungewear in all of your favorite fall hues.

Just think of the selfies you can post on the 'gram while chilling at home with a Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand. This fall is time to walk around the neighborhood with your pup in matching tie-dye hoodies, am I right? All season long, your wardrobe pretty much consists of oversized sweaters and sweats, anyway, so you might as well make a few of them tie-dye. For some major inspo, follow any of these eight tie-dye sweatshirt YouTube tutorials.

You'll be so inspired that you'll want to start making some matching tie-dye sets for you and your roomies to chill in while you watch your favorite Halloween movies. Whatever you end up making, be sure to show off your new fall pieces to the 'Gram with some tie-dye captions, because the world wants to see your style.

This Tutorial Is For Getting Cozy At Home

If you're starting from scratch and making a tie-dye sweatshirt, you might as well dye sweatpants as well for a matching lewk. This DIY tutorial shows you how to make several matching tie-dye loungewear sets. These can be your go-to cozies for fall nights when you want to Instagram and chill with your homemade pumpkin cookies.

This Bleach Tie-Dye Tutorial Is For A Dark Fall Pattern

While summer's all about bright, neon colors, fall is prime time to break out your darker and muted shades. Try bleaching your black sweatshirts to create a really cool tie-dye pattern. A black and brown tie-dye sweatshirt will look super cute paired with your fave boots and dark denim jeans.

This Tutorial Is For Repurposing Your Old Hoodies

Get a little thrifty and give new life to an old hoodie. This DIY video shows you how to bleach dye, and you'll be pleasantly surprised with the end result.

What starts out as an old blue hoodie can become a vibrant red tie-dye piece you can show off on the 'gram when you're relaxing at home. The video may inspire you to cut your old sweatshirt into a fresh, cropped tie-dye piece for your fall vibe.

Try This Ice Dye Technique To Create A Vibrant Pink And Purple Piece

This tutorial shows you how to do an ice dye method with powdered dye. Unlike liquid dye in squeeze bottles, ice dye is actually powder that you put over your piece of clothing, and add ice cubes which melt on top. Not only does this tutorial show you this fun new method to try, but it also explains how to achieve a very cute fan pattern.

This Simple Scrunch Dye Pattern Can Be Added To Your Workout Gear

This video shows you a simple scrunch dye method with one color that's super easy to do at home. All you need is: trash bags, rubber bands, one squeeze bottle, and the dye of your choice.

The end result will be a super cozy hoodie you can wear while you're hiking or biking through the fall foliage. Dye a matching hoodie for your dog for an instant #twinning moment.

This One Color Dye Tutorial Doesn't Require Bottles

When you got excited about tie-dyeing you were quick to buy some dye and rubber bands, but you may have forgotten to get squeeze bottles for easy tie-dye application. No worries if you don't have any bottles at home. You can always do this simple one color method for a cute swirl tie-dye look. Jewel tones, such as dark purple or emerald green, are perfect for wearing all season long.

This Tutorial Covers The Basics For A Cozy Sweatshirt

Not only does this tutorial cover the basics of how to do a scrunch dye sweater, but it reveals useful tips, too. For instance, by adding a little dish soap into your mix, the color will last longer between washes.

Follow This Tutorial For A Pop Of Color In Your Fall Insta

LaurDIY is a DIY queen, and this video is super fun to follow along with. You'll learn how to make super vibrant sweatshirts with both regular dye and shibori dye. Be inspired by this video to have a sweatshirt decorating party with your housemates. Tie-dye some cute sets, and while you're waiting, whip up some delicious cookies just like LaurDIY does in the video.