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A woman creates an Instagram Recap 2022 with ideas of what to post in an Instagram Recap.
12 Creative Ideas To Edit Your 2022 Instagram Recap Reel

Create an end-of-the-year video you can’t wait to post.

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Following the success of Spotify Wrapped, it seems every app these days wants to get in on the year-end recap trend. Instagram’s version of this is Instagram Recap. Unlike the BeReal Recap, which creates a video for you, Instagram Recap provides you with the tools to do the editing yourself. That may seem tiresome for some people, but it’s actually easy once you have some 2022 Instagram Recap ideas for what to post in your end-of-year Reel.

Instagram has always been a platform for curating your own content. You pick and choose which selfies are worthy of the ‘Gram and what memories to share in your Stories for everyone to see versus what’s just for your close friends. With this focus on curation, it makes sense that Instagram would allow you to create your own end-of-the-year recap video. Instead of the app picking and choosing which memories to share, you get to. Of course, this kind of opens the floodgates and allows for endless possibilities, but you can definitely narrow things down with the right Instagram Recap idea.

If your Insta is more travel-focused, you may want to share the biggest adventures you went on in 2022. For those who consider themselves foodies, use Instagram Recap to rank the best meals you’ve had all year or to remember the most ‘Gram-worthy ones that wowed you. You could share your fave memories with your besties or the fire outfits you wore. Another idea is to let the celebrity voiceovers from Bad Bunny and DJ Khaled dictate how you share your year.

There are so many directions you could go in, but if you still need some help, here are some 2022 Instagram Recap ideas to consider.

Share Your Best Moments With Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny’s voiceover really emphasizes living in the moment and being grateful for your life. Following his lead, share your greatest memories from 2022. These can be as small as hanging out with your bestie on a random Friday night or as big as graduating college. Whatever memory has stuck with you needs to be included, and it can be a lot. To use Bad Bunny’s Instagram Recap template, you’ll need 21 pieces of content.

Share The Strange And Unusual With Priah Ferguson

Priah Ferguson from Stranger Things has an Instagram Recap voiceover that is perfect for showcasing a range of memories from the exciting to the, well, strange. When she says things like “and this one was weird,” you can edit in videos and photos of things that maybe got you out of your comfort zone. You could even mix in some of the good with the bad to really showcase your true authentic self. As Ferguson says, “That’s my life.”

Share Your 2022 Blessings With DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled’s voiceover begins with “OK bless up,” and it calls out everything from “little things” to the “curveballs.” This is your chance to share 15 videos or photos using his Instagram Recap template that really show off that both big and small memories make your life “a blessing.”

Share Your Year In Rewind With Badshah

The rapper Badshah’s voiceover is all about looking back at 2022. He calls out specific memories and says, “I’ll remember you the most for this.” This is a chance to share those moments that when you look back years from now, that’s what you’ll associate the most with 2022. This could be major life milestones or once-in-lifetime experiences or trips.

Share Your Favorite Meals

A foodie-based 2022 Instagram Recap idea is to just share your fave dishes from the past year. It can be an overall compilation of the best of the best from your camera roll, or a breakdown of the best meal from each month. You could even rank your foodie moments as a top 10 for an Instagram Recap.

Share Footage From Every Concert

One idea that goes well with these voiceovers is to share moments from all the concerts you went to this year. This works especially well if you saw Bad Bunny in concert and end up using his voiceover for the Insta Recap.

Share Your 2022 Travel Vlog

Oh, the places you went! Your Instagram Recap can be a time to share every place you visited if you’re someone who prioritized their wanderlust in 2022. This might have been the first time in a long time that you were able to use your passport, so you’ll definitely want to share everything you saw on your adventures. To get the theming across, share a video of the airport or view from your window seat to kick off your recap video.

Share The Best Moments From Each Month

You don’t have to use one of the Instagram Recap templates to make a video. Since the examples use 15 to 21 different pieces of content, you’ll definitely want to skip it if you plan to just share your fave memory from each month. For this idea, you just need 12 videos or photos from the year to highlight something special from January to December. Be sure to use the text in editing to write out each month, so your friends and followers understand.

Share Your Bestie Adventures

If you have a core group of BFFs that do everything with you, you might want to share your best memories from 2022 together. This narrows down what videos and photos to use in your camera roll, but of course, choosing which memories to share with your best friends is also hard AF. Even the smaller moments, like getting fast food late at night or driving around listening to Taylor Swift, are memories you want to share.

Share The Insta Stories That Didn’t Make It On The Feed

Instagram Recap can be a time to finally share on main the things you only posted on your Insta Story. Choosing what goes on the grid can be a more difficult process versus your IG Story where you just share your day to day. This year-end recap can be a time to go back in your Instagram archive and find the stories you now think deserve to be shared with everyone. That can be anything from LOL-worthy filters you used to Boomerangs of you cheers-ing at happy hour.

Share The Fire OOTDs You Want Everyone Else To Remember

You probably remember your best ‘fits from the year, but Instagram Recap is a time to remind everyone else of them. Show off what a fashionista you were in 2022 with OOTD pics and videos of you wearing your best looks. If you’re more a makeup and beauty person, you could even use this idea to show off your best lewks and all the viral makeup trends you tried (and slayed) this year.

Share Photographic Evidence Of You Achieving Your Goals

Perhaps you set a goal at the beginning of 2022 and you finally achieved it. It could be starting an art project, finding a better job, or just moving to a new state. Whatever project you started and finished, this is your chance to show that journey.