Your Fourth Of July Horoscope Revealed, Just In Time For The Weekend

by Rosey Baker
Cara Slifka

This weekend everyone's going to be gearing up for America's Independence Day, and the weekend horoscope is supporting our personal independence, too.

If you're in a relationship and you two have one weekend where you each get a pass, I'd make this weekend the one where you cash in your chips, because the stars are on your side.

Get ready to smash, Friendos.

Venus In Gemini: Lawless Flirtation


Venus is the planet of love and creativity, and Gemini is the sign of intellect, lively conversation, and local travel.

With Venus in Gemini this weekend, don't be surprised if you get an opportunity to travel somewhere local, to a beautiful setting with a bunch of intellectually stimulating people.

We're already going to be feeling like we could charm the pants off of anyone in our midst using nothing but our wit and charm, but the setting will present some sexy opportunities.

Add a couple of beers to the mix, and you'll be falling in love by the end of the barbecue.

Mercury In Leo: Feelings On Display


Mercury is the planet of communication, and Leo is a sign that's associated with drama, theatrics, and being in the spotlight.

Needless to say, holiday weekends present the opportunity to drink (a lot), and there's a good chance that whoever you have your eyes on could be open and receptive to your interest, because having mercury in the persuasive, enchanting sign of Leo will grant you the ability to show off in a charismatic and powerful way.

One thing to watch out for is too much posturing, because Leo can have a tendency to be proud and somewhat dominating. So, be sure you're listening to the people around you and not dominating the conversation.

Jupiter In Aspect To Neptune: The Tipping Point


Jupiter (the planet of expansion) is in what is called a quincunx to Neptune (the planet of dreams) this weekend, and without going into the complicated meaning behind the aspects, I'll just cut to the chase and explain what that means for the weekend.

Transiting Jupiter quincunx Neptune suggests that you will come up against a test of your faith or belief in someone or something this weekend.

Remember, in order to grow, you have to take risks. This weekend will show you the limits of what's possible under the current conditions in your life. This could be relationship or business-based, but one thing that's apparent is you're coming to a tipping point.

Since it is a holiday weekend, and I don't see a lot of intensity around this aspect, I would pay attention to the feelings and impulses that come up.