The 5 Worst People You Will Meet At A Bar This Weekend

Most of us can't wait for the end of every week to finally have a day off work. When the weekend finally arrives, we unwind by doing a variety of things.

One of those activities is going out and heading to a bar, club or someplace with adult beverages. However, somehow, these places always end up interrupting our de-stressing day and turning it into a nightmare.

There is always something -- or SOMEONE -- that just ruins a night on the town. Here are five of the worst offenders.

1. The Close Talker

Oh God, how we hate the drunken close talkers. They wrap their arms around you, almost putting you in a chokehold, and start talking -- not a whisper but full volume, and you can feel their hot nasty breath on your ear.

So you decide to try a slick move and take 'em off, cause you know… personal space, come on. Then they jump right back to it so you have to deal with it.

If you're a close talker… stop it. Even if it is loud. Give us space.

2. The Farter

WE ALL HATE THIS PERSON. This person decides, “Oh they can't hear me fart cause of the music.”

Yeah that's true, we wont hear it, but we most definitely smell it. It has taken over the entire room. These people seriously need to change their diets and get their assholes checked out. IT'S THAT BAD.

If you are guilty of unleashing chemical warfare out your bum, just know we hate you and almost puked because of it. Thanks for that. Seek a doctor immediately or go outside where it's an open space.

3. The Super Drunk

This person goes by many names: The Stumbler, The Aggressor, The Confused.

There are signs. Does this person have many alcohol stains on their shirt? Is this person struggling to keep balance? Does this person look like they are going to puke?

Are their eyes normal or do they wander? Are they trying to start a fight? Do they jump into random conversations and look as if they are hitting on everything in site with their super-slurred speeches?

Yeah, well, you just found the super belligerent drunk. Stay away, ignore and try not to get involved and sucked into their war path.

Dear Super Drunkie, thank you for your interest in fighting, loving or whatever you want to involve us in. But please back away, leave us alone and don't be that person.

PS. If you are friends with that person, buy a kid leash for them. We will write a note and attach it to your coat so you don't forget.

Sincerely, not interested.

4. The Creeper

We have ALL seen this bar patron. Mostly women attract the creepers at the bars.

Sometimes it's funny, but then creepers seem to cross the line from funny to “let's get the F outta here!”

They mostly like to stare and just check you out -- maybe not even say a word -- and are lurking around every corner of the bar for some reason. They can also be seen grinding on multiple random groups of women.

Maybe they hit on you earlier and then you find them watching you with crazy eyes since you denied them, hence the name “The Creeper.”

So you found out you're a creep, now what? For the love of God, fix your social habits.

5. The Bumper

This person… ugh. So you decide to get a drink and then go find a spot at the bar. You go through all these obstacles and right before you get to your spot... BAM.

This person bumps into you, causing you to spill your drink either on your hands, clothes or even someone else. This type of person is a magnet toward other people. They seem to gravitate toward anyone whether the bar is packed or empty.

They could either be dancing obnoxiously, talking with their whole body or just stopping mid-track while walking.

Hey buddy, we didn't pay for this drink to have half of it spilled. Get your shit together. In fact, you owe me a drink. Don't be this person.

Beware of these top five at the bar, hopefully they read the same article and are now re-evaluating their bar life. Try not to let them ruin your night out.

Protect your drink at all times, be safe and watch out for any shady characters.