The World Is Full Of Sh*t Talkers—Don't Pay Them Any Attention


Today people tend to assign more time and attention to what everyone around them is doing than to their own lives. We have devoted so much attention to the external, artificial world that we have lost sight of purpose and of ourselves.

Let’s face the truth: as a generation we love to shit talk, we love to gossip more than Jewish mothers and we are nosier than reporters. We have a constant desire to know both the most miniscule and grand details, and it’s because we revel in judgment.

We’re all haters: we will hate on our friends, family and anyone that seems to be living a life better than we are at the moment. Instead of pointing out all the good that is going on in someone’s life, we would rather demean them with negativity.

The sad part is that people actually find enjoyment in this. Their lives revolve around it. They have nothing better to do than worry about others, talk shit about them and rejoice in their failures. They have nothing better to talk about, so they decide only to talk about people. As the good old saying goes: great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people.

Celebrity culture has reduced our generation to gossip queens. We derive pleasure from familiarity with the intricacies of others’ lives. So miserable with the tedium of our own lives, we quell our own anxieties with the knowledge of others failing – talking shit is a prescription stronger than Xanax.

Haters hate because they are jealous. They suppress their own problems by substituting others’. They talk shit, gossip and point out any negativity they can find even if they have to make it up. In a nutshell, this describes most of the people in our generation.

Instead of worrying about themselves and practicing self-actualization, they give their worry to us. Oscar Wilde said, “The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.” In our generation, haters define success.

The world is a competition, and we’re not only winning, but we also have the ability to take focus away from others. It’s as if anyone who manages to do anything spectacular with their life has their own personal tabloids walking around promoting their success. No press is bad press.

Small-minded people who concern themselves with artifice never get anywhere in life. They create the disparity of success and failure by elevating people to gossip-worthy status. Their hate is inspiration. Anytime you hear someone talking shit about you or hating on what you are doing in your life, instead of getting upset or angry, take that and channel it. Use it as fuel to push you even further so you can constantly prove to them how stupid they actually sound when they open their mouths to do anything other than suck dick or eat pussy.

The more attention you pay to them the more you are letting them win. When people hate or talk shit, all they are trying to do is divert your focus and thwart your positivity. It’s a trap that the small minded people try to get the superior to fall into so that they might start playing the same games -- but you’re better than that.

Give attention only to yourself. Focus on what is truly important: your tasks at hand and the life that you are trying to create for yourself. You might even realize the people closest to you are the biggest haters. Pay them no mind; jealousy is only a trait of the weak, not the elite.

People will try to get under your skin. Don't, even for one second, think that people are going to be happy for you and glad that you managed to succeed. They will hate you more. We live in a world where most of our lives are exposed on social media, which makes it a dick-measuring contest.

This fosters competition and makes people miserable because they start comparing their worthless lives to those who are actually happy. Instead of worrying about their own lives, and how to make changes within it, they let jealously eat them alive.

Haters and shit talkers will always embrace the negative perspective of what you’re doing. Don't heed them; leave them. They are a bunch of pedestrians that have nothing better to do than talk shit. You are better than that, you are above that and you will have a life far greater than theirs.

It all comes down to insecurity. Our generation panics when things don’t go our way, and celebrates when things don’t work in others’ favor. They create happiness through comparatives, rather than in themselves. And this makes it fake.

Between therapists and prescribed medications, these people are just longing to live the lives of the people they talk about. Fuck them. Keep proving them wrong because you are better than them. Be the 10 percent of this world that actually rises above petty shit.

Preston Waters | Elite.