The Work-Life Balance Is The Best At These 10 Companies

We can all agree that finding a healthy work-life balance during your professional career is easier said than done.

The job-hunting madness typically starts during or shortly after your college phase. At that point, you're eagerly hoping to land your dream job and happily ride off into the sunset. Unfortunately, reality doesn't always work that way.

Sure, you might snag the job title and the salary you've always wanted, but you might not be doing exactly what you had initially planned on. Other scenarios include obtaining the job of your dreams, but not possessing the dream job title and salary to go along with it.

Perhaps the most annoying obstacle you might encounter during your professional life at some point is finding a job that meets all of your requirements, but lacks a solid work-life balance.

Let's face it, we all need time to ourselves. We're human. We have families; We have personal obligations.

While your career typically serves as the foundation of your personal life, and not every job allows you to balance it all out. So, which companies do?

Thanks to a new list released by Glassdoor, a company dedicated to helping "people everywhere find jobs and companies they love," we now know the top 10 companies to work with if you want to achieve an actual work-life balance.

From massive tech giants to famous burger chains, some of these companies just might surprise you...

10. Power Home Remodeling

9. Adobe

8. LinkedIn

7. In-N-Out Burger

6. Fast Enterprises

5. World Wide Technology

4. Google

3. Boston Consulting Group

2. Facebook

1. Bain & Company

So, are you going to work endlessly for a company that doesn't have you in mind or are you going to switch up the game plan to benefit YOU?

Ladies and gentlemen, the choice is yours in 2017!

Check out the rest of the 50-company list on Glassdoor here.

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