You'll Wonder How You Ever Survived Without These 6 Facebook Hacks


We already know about the secret inbox where "other" messages end up, but did you know about these insanely useful Facebook hacks?

I bet you didn't.

These tricks will let you get the most out of Facebook, help you not get trolled by your friends and make sure you become a better person overall by upping your birthday-remembering game.

1. Log out of Facebook remotely.

If you're someone who logs into Facebook on a lot of people's computers, this trick will come in handy. You can log out of wherever you're logged in on Facebook remotely.

If you do this, you'll save yourself from the embarrassing status updates your hilarious friends post from your account when you accidentally stayed logged in on their phone or computer.

All you have to do is go to Settings, then Security and edit Where You're Logged In.


2. Find out who has rejected your friend requests.

Does wondering who rejected your friend requests keep you up at night? Either way, you can also check which requests never got accepted. You know, just in case you were wondering.

How do you find them? You have to be looking at Facebook on your computer, not your phone.

Go to Friend Requests, then See All at the bottom and click View Sent Requests.

Not gonna lie, I felt a slight wave of sadness when I saw my unanswered friend requests.

In that moment, it was like the 1,800 plus friends I already have didn't even matter. What the hell did Facebook do to me?


3. Make Facebook stop automatically playing videos.

It's really annoying when you're scrolling through your News Feed, and all of a sudden, a video just decides to play on its own.

Well, even though Facebook likes to have a lot of control, it lets us control some things.

Want to make the autoplay madness come to an end?

In the app, go to More, Settings, Account Settings, Videos and Photos, Autoplay and then select Never Autoplay Videos.

Stopping videos from autoplaying will also help you save a ton of data.


4. Let people know how to pronounce your name without screwing it up.

If you have an unconventional name or one that people normally screw up, you can add the correct pronunciation to your Facebook profile.

As someone with a name people normally say wrong (Talia does not rhyme with Malia), I'm happy I discovered this.

To update your profile to reflect the proper pronunciation of your name, log in on your browser. Go to Update Info, Details About You and then How Do You Pronounce Your Name?

Facebook even gives you suggestions.


5. Disable "seen" receipts on Facebook messages.

I wish I knew about this when my ex-boyfriend showed up in my inbox without warning. Of course, I checked it, but I absolutely didn't want him to see that I had.

Ugh, anyway, to avoid awkward situations like that, you can totally turn off the "seen" receipts on messages on Facebook.

While there's no way to do this on the Messenger app, you can totally do it in your browser with a plugin called Unseen (if you use Chrome). For Firefox and Internet Explorer users, you can try Chat Undetected.

But, using this tool also means you won't be able to see other people's "seen" receipts when they've read your messages.

It's creepy, but effective.

6. Remember people's birthdays without Facebook telling you.

It's sad how much we rely on Facebook to remember birthdays for us. What's even worse is when a friend doesn't have their birthday listed, and you forget altogether because you don't have it on your calendar.

Well, you can actually export all of your friends' birthdays to your calendar. That way, Facebook can't make you feel bad about not remembering until the day of.

To do this, you need to use your computer and not the app. Go to your Facebook News Feed, Events, You Can Add Your Events To Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple Calendar and then to Birthdays.

Copy the link, open Google Calendar, Other Calendars, click the drop-down menu, select Add By URL and paste the URL.

Boom. You can now be a birthday-remembering wizard.


There seems to be an endless amount of Facebook features we just don't know about, but at least now with these hacks, you can use this necessary social media platform more effectively.

I wonder what else Zuckerberg is making difficult to find on Facebook.

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