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How To Win At Long Weekends This Summer

Summer has officially started, which means it's time to turn up.

It also means it's time for long weekends, which are for fun, friends and — let's be honest — more than a little booze. But partying is an art, and it takes training and practice to perfect.

And since no one is perfect, we all have a lot to learn. Here are eight ideas to help you get in shape for the official start of summer.

1. Set your weekend goals.

Feeling overwhelmed by your jam-packed schedule? Try creating a weekends-only calendar to keep track of the things you actually want to do.

2. Do an equipment check.

What is the most important tool of your summer? Your blender, of course! Has your blender been there, done that and lived to tell? Then show it the love it deserves.

You might rarely think about your small appliances — or maybe you do! — but investing in a good blender pays off in the long run. Buy a quality blender now, and you'll be enjoying delicious frozen cocktails long into the future.

3. Practice day drinking.

This is your toughest assignment. It's summer, which means the wait-until-five-at-night rule can be thrown out the (open) window!

Obviously that doesn't mean you should take things to an extreme level. But long weekends mean three gloriously unscripted days of possibility. Watch your squad's eyes fill with awe at your awesomeness when you bust out rum punch at lunch! Colorful cocktails are made for sunshine, so do not waste that daylight.

4. Punch things up.

Rum is the word, bro. It is the quintessential spirit of the summer. The rum punch revival is an enormous, sweeping trend that you must get into this instant. Yes, that speakeasy special — a big bowl brimming with fruity deliciousness — is what will make your parties FOMO-fodder for all the people who can't make it out.

When you drink rum punch, you can't help but feel like you're hanging out on a beautiful Caribbean beach. A classic BACARDI rum punch makes you a tourist in your own town.

5. Get your body in tip-top form.

We're not talking about hitting the gym. Since it's too late to do any major beach-bod tinkering, now is the time to fake it hard.

Whether you're a girl or a guy, don't discount the power of a manicure and a pedicure. And your hair will thank you for the summer trims you've invested in by complying with your efforts to achieve perfect beachy waves. (Again, this is mandatory for both ladies and gentlemen.)

And don't forget the sunscreen. Even though you might long to look like a bronzed god or goddess, those rays can still do damage. So, follow this simple rule: Go high on SPF and apply often.

6. Strut your stuff.

You may want to look like you #wokeuplikethis, but that kind of model-off-duty casual glam comes with a heavy price tag, a substantial time commitment and a full glam squad. For the ladies out there, a fast route to summer chic is to go all-white. Don't be afraid of the color; the time is YOURS. For men, make sure your shorts are shorter and less baggy this year. The weather is warm, so show a little extra skin.

7. Prep a “go-go” bag.

Summer is about being ready to take the party anywhere, anytime. Have a tote by the door, filled with all your go-to basics: swimsuit, flip-flops, sunscreen, condoms, scarf and maybe a first-aid kit (because, bonfires). And don't forget to pack a solid sleep set — pajamas, eye mask, ear plugs — to make sure you get the type of high-quality shut-eye you need to get through the weekend.

8. Spread the word.

Because it didn't happen if you don't share it! #killerredrumpunch! #FOMOforever!

Throw caution to the wind and share how great your summer life is. As they say, haters are going to hate (hate, hate, hate, hate) anyway. Plus, there will be epic parties that your full squad won't be able to attend. Keep them in the loop on social media, and they'll feel like they're there with you, cocktail in hand, having the best summer ever.

A rum punch puts you in a laid-back, chilled-out island state of mind. Try this perfect version of a true classic, from BACARDI.

BACARDI  Summer Lemonade Punch 10 oz BACARDI Limón 10 oz BACARDI Superior 40 oz lemonade 6 oz grenadine 8 oz lime juice strained 12 dashes of Angostura orange bitters

Add all ingredients to the decanter or punch bowl and stir well. (You can also add lime and lemon wheels for presentation.) Pour over ice and garnish with a half slice of lemon.