Why You'll Want A Smaller Friend Group By The Time You're 20


Our teen years revolved around being social, from making plans with the squad after school to hitting up football games on Friday night.

Many of us cared a lot about FOMO and didn't want to miss out on any opportunity to be social.

Once high school came to a close, and your real life began, you realize how unnecessary it all was. Why would you want to date as many boys as possible, or spend time with people who didn't actually like you?

By the time you hit 20, you've already started to weed out the people in your life who aren't helping you be the best you can be. You understand now why a smaller friend group is actually the best kind.

Fewer People, Less Drama

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High school cliques are infamous for girl drama, which has no place in your life after graduation. It's petty, time-consuming, and totally unnecessary.

Having a smaller friend group makes working out issues way easier. Instead of talking behind one another's backs or keeping secrets, talking it out is way more effective and respectful.

With a small group, even arguments between two people can be solved without issue. Oftentimes, girls in large groups feel the need to pick sides instead of offering mediation or staying out of things completely.

Fewer people makes communication easier, which is the root of solving or even preventing any problems.

Time Is Valuable

As you take on more responsibilities for yourself and your career, you may not have as much spare time to devote to your friends. It's an unfortunate reality of growing up, but true friends will stick by you and find ways to keep up.

Spending time away from your friends can actually help you see who is on your side and who isn't. If a friend gets mad that you went to a work function instead of her cocktail party, she's probably more concerned about herself than about you.

When you have less time for friends, you won't waste your time on anyone who's not really your true friend. You'll realize who is important to you, and which relationships will stay strong when things get rough.

Creating Quality Over Quantity


Spending less time on fake friends means you'll be giving more time to your real besties. You'll be able to learn more about each other, do things you enjoy, and become closer than ever.

When you have a large circle of friends, you'll tend to spend a little time with a lot of people. When you're able to spend a lot of time with just a few people, however, you'll get to know them while creating a lasting relationship.

When you take the time to bond with someone, odds are you'll get a friend for life. Those friends are the ones who will help you up when you fall, cheer you on through your successes, and hold your dress while you pee on your wedding day.