Here's Where You Can Watch The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Tonight

by Rosey Baker
Nathan French

Tonight is the official start to eclipse season with a full moon partial lunar eclipse. Eclipses happen when the moon passes through the Earth's shadow and does a sexy peek-a-boo for the earthlings watching it. The eclipse can be seen in person if you live in Asia, Australia, Africa, or Europe. The bad news is, if you live in the United States, you don't get to watch it live and in-person, but you can watch it streaming online.

Start off the beginning of eclipse season right by breaking out the popcorn and wine, and live-stream the full moon eclipse from the comfort of your couch.

The Best Place To Stream It

REUTERS is streaming the lunar eclipse already, or if you're a real space-head, you can sign up at and chat with fellow space nerds while controlling online telescopes for a way more interactive experience.

Slooh is basically an online community that, if you're not able to enjoy an intergalactic show live and in-person, allows you to get about as close to the real thing as possible. Slooh also brings live celestial events to its viewers with a lineup of special guests to inform and entertain.

Also, if you're an astrology fan as well as an astronomy fan, you can still bask in the energy of the lunar eclipse if you spend some time under the full moon tonight or have a full moon ritual planned.

You'll have a chance to catch the live sequel, a total solar eclipse occurs on August 21st.

Where To Catch The Sequel Solar Eclipse


Eclipses come in pairs, so anytime there's a full solar eclipse, there's a lunar eclipse that will be occurring either two weeks before or after the solar eclipse. This lunar eclipse is happening as a prelude to the solar eclipse, so you have two weeks to plan your viewing experience.

This is the first all-American solar eclipse we've had since 1918, and it's one of the biggest astronomical events of the decade, being that it's visible from coast to coast, crossing from Oregon to South Carolina.

A total solar eclipse is basically the beautiful alignment between the Sun, Moon, and the Earth. When the three planets line up, the Moon covers up the Sun, and those in the direct path of the Moon's shadow -- called the Path of Totality -- will see the Sun go dark.

Nasa has a video online that outlines exactly which locations in the USA are the best cities to see the total solar eclipse.

This is one of nature's most awe-inspiring images, so if you're close to one of the cities in the Path of Totality, I'd definitely suggest making plans to go check it out!