What Your Favorite '90s Snack Says About The Kind Of Person You Are Today

by Alexa Mellardo

Real talk: If you don't think Dunkaroos deserve to be a food group of their own, can you REALLY call yourself a '90s kid?

I'm a *tad* biased, but I could eat Dunkaroos for the rest of my life and die the happiest chick around.

For all of my fellow '90s babies out there, we knew what the hell was UP when it came to the snack game.

From Gushers and Gogurts, to Lunchables and Squeezits, our generation was #blessed beyond compare. We may have had no clue what was actually in our questionable Lunchables meat, but we ate them anyway and loved every second of it.

As an ode to all of the epic snacks we grew up munching on (and the treats we stealthily stole from mom's pantry), here's what your favorite '90s snack says about you.

1. Dunkaroos


Every '90s baby knows Dunkaroos were, hands down, the shit.

When you ran out of frosting but still had cookies leftover (because you always would), the temptation was all too real to steal the Dunkaroos pack from the kid next to you at the lunch table.

Dunkaroos were a hot commodity at school. The rule of thumb was to never, EVER leave them unattended, or the joke's on you.

If your go-to '90s snack was a pack of Dunkaroos, you're a one-person party, and therefore the LIFE of every single party you attend. Just like the awesome kangaroo on the box, you're all for letting those good times roll… one dunk at a time.

You have no problem making new friends and starting up great conversations wherever you go, because you're such a social butterfly.

2. Pizza Rolls


Totino's Pizza Rolls were consistently baked to crispy perfection on the outside, and cheesy goodness on the inside.

If you couldn't hit up the pool without requesting pizza rolls from your mom as an afternoon snack, you're a complete and utter trendsetter now. You're the confident leader of your squad, and in life in general.

You're also a firm believer in the “treat yo'self” mentality, because you know you deserve it, and you don't give two fucks about what anyone else has to say.

3. Baby Bottle Pop

Baby Bottle Pop, baby bottle pop You can lick it, shake it, and dunk it Sweet candy fun!!

That song was annoying and yet also catchy AF, and it probably drove our parents absolutely wild when we sang it in the car.

If you treated a Baby Bottle Pop as your most prized possession, you'll always be a kid at heart.

Baby Bottle Pop fanatics live for the spontaneous, adventurous plans in life. You're a vibrant, optimistic, forever-young soul who cherishes each and every moment.

You know life's way too short, so as far as your career is concerned, you work to live… not the other way around.

4. Ring Pop

Party City

When it comes to the '90s babies who never left the house without rocking a Ring Pop, you know they were glam and fabulous AF (bonus points for wearing multiple Ring Pops at once).

If you were all about Ring Pops as a kid, you're a classy gal who has a keen eye for fashion, and you can identify a fashion faux pas (and a mall) from miles away.

You love to stand out, and you'll never be a person who follows in anyone else's footsteps but your own. You create your own path, and you wear the trendiest pair of shoes while walking it.

5. Choco Taco

Pearson Ice Cream

If you didn't order a Choco Taco whenever the ice cream truck rolled up… SHAME. ON. YOU.

These ice cream treats were the ultimate summer snack, whether you were chilling at the beach, or rolling around on your scooter with the neighborhood crew.

Choco Taco lovers live for the summer months — the sun, surf and sand make them reach peak happiness.

They're extremely positive, motivated, chill people… until winter rolls around and cramps their vibes.

BUT, they know how to cope. You'll find them shredding up the slopes during the colder months of the year.

No matter what, though, they'll forever be beach babies in the sand, because it's home to them.

6. Gushers


Oh, how I have an undying love for Gushers!

They were the gummies we couldn't resist and always craved on the go. Even if fruit gummies in general weren't your favorite snack, everyone had a soft spot for Gushers... they were that good.

If Gushers were your go-to snack growing up, you're super sweet, just like the treats themselves. You're a good-natured, genuine gem who probably doesn't have a mean bone in your body.

Everyone naturally gravitates towards you because you consistently bring a positive outlook to the table, and you're always considerate of your friends' feelings. You're truly the light in a tunnel of darkness.