'90s Babies: Why This Generation Will Always Reminisce About Childhood

by Kayla Laprise
20th Century Fox

What is the best way to know someone is a 90s baby? They don't stop talking about it.

We reminisce about pop culture and our childhood any chance we get, and with good reason. It was freaking fantastic.

From our bright, artificially colored condiments to the most stylish, inflatable bedroom furniture, there is no denying this was the absolute best time to be a kid.

Children of today are constantly being reminded that our era of moon shoes and Saturday cartoons mercilessly reigns over their after school tech time. But, with one of the most exciting announcements for Millennials ever, Nickelodeon is answering Gen-Y’s prayers and bringing back our animated BFFs.

This October, The Splat! will be airing all the 90s classic programs we adore. From "Hey Arnold!" to "Rocko’s Modern Life," today’s kids can get a first-hand look at why we grew up in the best pop culture generation yet.

Between this and the highly awaited (and completely necessary) "Goosebumps" movie, our dreams are becoming a reality.  Never again will my middle school siblings ask me why I'm obsessed with my past, and why I pity them for all they missed out on.

Even better, they will see how awful the new preteen-focused shows have become. (Yes, I'm looking at you, Disney Channel.)

The Splat! will definitely help fill the void of our childhood nostalgia, but it will also provide a constant reminder of how lucky we are to have grown up when we did. This is just one of the many, extensive reasons we had it so good.

Here are 30 more:

1. Answering a call on a see-through, bedroom landline is way more thrilling than on a smartphone.

2. Origami-folded, paper notes were more scandalous to pass in class than shooting a text.

3. Music videos were still a thing. And they aired on TV.

4. Bubble (popcorn) shirts literally defined "one size fits all."

5. Tamagotchi pets were the ultimate test of responsibility.

6. Every night before bed, you dreamed of being slimed on "Slime Time Live."

7. Smarter Child. Period.

8. Disney Channel movies were amazing. Like really, really amazing.

9. Popularity depended on how many Beanie Babies you had, rather than on how many likes your selfie got.

10. Instagram didn’t exist, but Polaroid i-Zone sticker cameras did, and those were the sh*t.

11. Cory and Topanga’s relationship defined "relationship goals."

12. "All That" was our personal "SNL."

13, Tommy Pickles was the most badass baby/squad leader ever.

14. Will Smith was still the "Fresh Prince."

15. The music remains unparalleled.

16. Baby Bottle Pop commercials were equally terrifying and hilarious.

17. The Olsen twins inspired every outfit and hair style in middle school.

18. Hours were spent analyzing your crush’s cryptic AIM away message.

19. An equal amount of hours were spent crafting the perfect AIM profile and screen name.

20. There was the constant power struggle between your parents wanting to use the phone, and you wanting to sign on to dial-up Internet.

21. Copying a newspaper comic onto Silly Putty was a true art form.

22. Jungle gyms, parks, fresh air.

23. The only thing better than tag was its challenging variations (freeze, flashlight, etc.).

24. Everything could be considered "hot lava" at a moment's notice, and you always had to be prepared to find higher ground.

25. Back then, we had the best celeb couples to ever exist. And we still secretly hope they will rekindle their love. (Justin and Britney, we will never forget your denim-coordinated outfits.)

26. "Lizzie McGuire" was literally the most relatable girl to ever exist.

27. Characters in TV shows didn’t have super powers, and weren’t fake pop stars.

28. Four Square was a (super) game, not an app.

29. "Goosebumps" and "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" caused numerous nightmares, and solely drove night-light sales.

30. We experienced real-life with our friends. We didn’t live through cell phones.