You Can Get Dunkaroos By Low-Key Smuggling Even Though They’re Discontinued


When I think of '90s nostalgia, the very first (and incredibly sweet) thought that comes to mind involves… Dunkaroos.

The kids of the '90s had the unparalleled privilege of growing up with this epic treat packed in our lunch boxes.


It's simply how we rolled on the reg.

If you didn't have a box of Dunkaroos to whip out at the lunch table, you were pretty much screwed because everyone else did… and there's really nothing like Dunkaroo FOMO.

Even though they were unhealthy AF — seriously, these little dudes were chock-full of corn syrup and enriched flour — we didn't let this setback get in the way of our cookie-dunking relationship.

Dunkaroos were honestly the OGs of snacks everywhere, and the '90s would not be the same without the impact they made on our hearts and tastebuds.


Unfortunately for us, these cookie-and-icing treats were discontinued back in 2012 in the United States… which marks a v. sad year in my book.

Since then, no other snack has truly lived up to the delicious swag Dunkaroos always had.

But today is an exciting day because Dunkaroos are making the ultimate comeback they truly deserve.


According to Teen Vogue, people legit could not deal with the loss of Dunkaroos, so much so that they started to order them online from different countries.

In response to this (FINALLY), Dunkaroos made a website, which is fittingly named “Smugglaroos.”

The mission of the site is to hook you up with someone crossing the Canadian border, where Dunkaroos are still sold. So basically, it's for Canadians who are down to bring Dunkaroos into the US, and Americans who want to take the trip to bring back the beloved snacks.


The website says,

Childhood was a beautiful time, filled with big hair, VHS tapes, hammer pants, and (most importantly) Dunkaroos. Everything was perfect. But much like the delicious cookies and icing, our youth couldn't last forever. In 2012, the last pack of Dunkaroos was sold in America. The very year the world was predicted to end—and it might as well have. Outrage immediately swept across the Dunkaroo-loving community.

BRB guys. I'm just going on a straight-up hangry mission for Dunkaroos.

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