The One Thing You Have To Do During The Solar Eclipse

Igor Zh/ Unsplash

The hype surrounding the next solar eclipse on Monday, August 21 has everyone trying to grasp the complexity of this celestial event. It's very mind-boggling, and while we already know how to prepare, when it's coming, and for how long, it's time to delve into the interpersonal obligations we owe to ourselves. Let's embody this brief moment of magic in the sky and play it out in our own lives. No more holding back or double guessing; it's time to tell someone how you really feel if you're clueless about what to do during the solar eclipse.

Regardless of whether you're addressing the past or the present, the very occurrence of this solar eclipse should make you feel limitless. With that being said, we often set limits on how much we should disclose our feelings without risking our pride. Well, the eclipse doesn't care about pride, it says YOLO and throws some shade, literally. Why can't we encompass that same spirit and just put it all out there for everyone to see? OK, maybe not everyone, but the person who it involves deserves to know. This doesn't have to deal with love, either. It's time to let those not-so-pretty feelings about someone who did you wrong come out so they can stop boiling over inside of you.

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If you want to get into the zodiac side of things, the solar eclipse will manifest changes for you, based on your sign. Regardless of what those changes may be, the key word here is "changes." They're happening with or without you, so why not take some change into your own hands and make sense of those unaddressed and unvoiced feelings you have for someone?

Keeping them locked up has never and will never be the answer to settling them. Also, because of this almost once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse, telling them on the same day will certainly have to be burned in their brain forever. Every time they think about the solar eclipse they will have to remember the time you told them how you truly felt. Yes, the universe would be very proud.

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