5 Ways To Celebrate The Solar Eclipse And Make The Most Out Of This Rare Occasion

by Imani Brammer
Getty Images/Digital Vision

First of all, can we agree that a solar eclipse sounds extravagantly fancy? It sounds like something that'd come up in a casual conversation with an astrologist, or like, something that people who wear lunar symbols on their necklaces would know about. So, for us regular peeps, let's break down what this rare event really is, and secondly, how to celebrate a solar eclipse.

To put it simply, a solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, completely covering the latter. It's pretty simple, really, so why is it considered such a big deal? Well, because this never happens. I mean, it does, but the last time it happened was nearly a decade ago. The next solar eclipse is expected on Aug. 21, and it'll basically be a world viewing, because just about every continent will be able to see the magical event in one way or another.

According to NASA, everyone in North America, and some people in certain parts of South America, Africa, and Europe, will all be able to see, at the very least, a partial solar eclipse.

An incredible and rare event such as this is definitely worth celebrating. Here are five ways to celebrate with your loved ones.

1. Have A Viewing Party

Similar to how you'd get together with friends to watch the latest episode of Insecure or Game of Thrones, invite your besties over to watch nature do its thing! Game of Thrones happens every week -- a solar eclipse occurs a lot less frequently.

Of course, your ability to see the solar eclipse will depend on where you live. If you're based in the U.S., the best viewing locations for the solar eclipse include Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nebraska.

2. Make It Official By Finding An Event Near You

There are tons of events happening for the states that have a good viewing of the eclipse. Oregon is having a really cool festival called The Oregon Solar Fest with lots of food, music, vendors, and of course, a viewing of the magical solar eclipse.

Wyoming is also really big on celebrating the event, so if you live there, definitely go check out the Glendo Total Solar Eclipse Festival.

And in Nashville, there's apparently going to be a champagne viewing party at the Union Station Hotel.

Overall, don't be afraid to make the solar eclipse a grand experience. These cool astrological events don't happen that often, and you're actually alive to see this one. Plan a date with friends, and actually celebrate with the rest of your town.

3. Make It A Solar Eclipse Movie Night

Gather your friends for a night of documentaries, movies, and YouTube videos that are all about solar eclipses.

It'll be fun to gain some context and insight by watching the history of this magical event, especially if this is your first time experiencing it.

4. Get Crafty In The Name Of Astrology

Hit up your local arts and crafts store, and make the solar eclipse a night of artistic inspiration. Perhaps you can create some adorable, DIY sun and moon necklaces inspired by the event.

If nothing else, working on some DIY projects will provide an intimate setting to kill some time before the actual viewing.

5. Channel Your Inner Spiritual Guru

Solar eclipses actually have spiritual meaning. For some people, the event can spark something inside them to create both an internal and external transformation.

Think about the personal significance of the solar eclipse to you, and how you'll use it for your own spiritual benefits.

In the meantime, I'll be staring at the calendar until Aug. 21.