You'll Be Able To See 4 Planets During The Solar Eclipse, Here's What To Know

Greg Rakozy/Unsplash

We're all excited about the upcoming solar eclipse heading our way Monday, Aug. 21. And to add even more icing to this astrological eye candy, a few planets will be hosting their own game of peek-a-boo. That's right -- you'll be able to see four planets during the solar eclipse. According to Machable, the normally hidden planets that will be visible during this month's solar eclipse are Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter.

Now, don't get too pumped too quickly. You need to make sure that you actually know where and how to look so that you can see these planets during the solar eclipse. It only takes a little patience, research on where they are in accordance to the moon or sun, and of course, not looking at anything with your naked eye. Looking at a solar eclipse can blind you or cause other damage to your eye. So, before you engage in your little exploration of the sky, get the proper eye protection so you're not regretting it later. Our parents were definitely right when they told us staring too long at the sun was not a good thing.

Jeremy Thomas/ Unsplash

Anyways, not all of the planets will be seen at the same magnitude and luminosity. Mercury, for example, may be the faintest to see because of the proximity it will be from the sun. Of course, we're all hopeful that we'll at least be able to see some part of it. We will also be able to see some constellations that aren't regularly visible until other times of the year. Sheesh, everything is just trying to show up and show out for this total eclipse, huh?

Ever since we were in elementary school, our imaginations were floored by the vastness of the solar system we learned about. This solar eclipse and a chance to glimpse at these planets will certainly be a full-circle moment for some of us. So, try and take it all in, because there's so much more out there than you and I.