5 Simple, Sweet Ways To Stay In Touch With Long Distance Friends This Summer

Ian Schneider/Unsplash

When you make forever friends, it's one of the hardest things to be apart from them.

But, life happens, and hopefully if you have a great friendship, distance is just another abstraction that won't get in your way.

Whether you're a city, state, or country away from each other, it doesn't really matter. Friendship always prevails, if you let it.

Because summer is an incredible time for traveling and embracing your free time, there are so many cute and creative ways to stay in touch with your long distance friends.

Keeping in mind how much this person means to you is just the beginning. Here are a few things you can do this summer to keep that friendship alive and well.

1. Meet Them Halfway

Clarisse Meyer/ Unsplash

This option could be so fun. Find a halfway meeting point you both can travel to, even if just for a day. You'll both have your own mini adventure as you travel toward each other, too.

Together, you'll make great memories exploring the meeting point that's hopefully an exciting, new destination to the both of you.

2. Send Them Postcards As You Travel

Postcards are not a dying art.

It's cool to receive small items in the mail, especially from a good friend. There's also something so beautiful about handwritten notes. It's genuine, and shows you actually took the time to express something to someone you care about.

By sending a vacation postcard, you're literally sending a piece of yourself, the place, and what you're experiencing there. Just don't forget the stamp.

3. Schedule A Designated Video Chat Each Week

If you can't travel to see each other, at least make it so you can see their face. There are so many opportunities to video chat these days, that there's really no excuse for not connecting.

Talking on the phone is nice, but actually seeing your good friend's face will be relieving and everlasting.

4. Randomly Let Them Know You're Thinking About Them

OK, so this is a little mushy, but they're your good friend, so mush away.

Sending funny pics or messages will keep you connected on the many levels you vibe on. Also, who doesn't like a little reminder that they're being thought of by a person they love?

5. Take Pictures Of Stuff You'd Normally Do Together

Even if you can't see each other, send her pictures of those small activities you'd usually be doing together. This isn't to tease or anything, it's just acknowledging you've designated those activities to them and your friendship.

So, if you're sipping the favorite wine you both enjoy, be sure to snap a picture before you drink, and cheers for the both of you.

You don't get to control who you irrevocably bond with. The challenge is maintaining that amazing vibe, even if that person isn't within arm's reach. The struggle is real, but definitely worth it.