5 Ways To Be Fearless Like An Aries

Jeremie Cremer/Unsplash

We don't get to pick our zodiac sign. Like many things, it's something we're born into.

Since I'm an Aries, that's the only sign I can personally speak from. Oh, and let me just say, it's seriously awesome.

There are many qualities of the Aries sign that are genuinely beneficial in everyday life.

Of course, not every quality is oh so amazing (no one's perfect), but if you're looking to pioneer this one life we have and fearlessly face each day like it's your last, you should embody these five epic qualities of the Aries sign.

1. Channel Your High Energy

Aries are known for having an amazing amount of energy.

I'm always the one in the group who's trying to blueprint the day and get things moving. This energy can be contagious because your enthusiasm pumps people up.

The only downfall to having a lot of energy is the one day you don't, everyone will notice. Trust me.

Applying high energy to projects at work will gravitate people toward the efforts and cause you're trying to accomplish. So, get the coffee brewing if you have to.

2. Have An Overall Zest For Life


Those who fall under the Aries sign constantly look for new experiences by jumping first and asking questions later. Their outlooks on life inspire others to look through different lenses as well.

I'm always stressing the importance of the human experience. I look for ways to make every moment a memory, even the simplest things.

Living life to your fullest potential gives you a tremendous appreciation for each breath you take.

So, take notice of every single day. They don't all have to follow the same routine if you open yourself up to living in the moment.

3. Wear Originality On Your Sleeve

Because it's the first fire sign, Aries are infamous trendsetters. They pave their own path in life, which can be fun and entertaining.

Although Aries often stress the need to be number one, it's the innovative way they plan on getting there that's desirable.

Being yourself can be hard these days, especially when society has subliminally set a standard of what's acceptable. Be like an Aries and challenge what's deemed “normal." Conformity doesn't make the world go around, so stand out proudly.

4. Express Your Feelings Relentlessly

Aries are charismatic souls, and when they feel love, they can't help but express it in whichever way they can.

I, for example, am a words person, so I'm constantly letting my emotions escape me and land on paper. But, this instant need to tell someone how you feel can have consequences. Aries can often be so clouded by their love and expressing it that they don't consider what they're receiving in return.

Loving anyone is fearless. There's no guarantee on how it will turn out, and that can be scary.

Being the first to say how you feel can be nerve-racking, but as long as it's genuine and true, it can never be the wrong thing to do.

5. Have A Go-Getter Attitude

Aries like to take the lead, especially toward goals they want to reach.

This can often come across as being self-centered. But ultimately, an Aries can be a go-getter for others who may be hesitant toward embracing their own goals.

That promotion at work? Go for it.

That idea you've been sitting on but don't know if you should go through with it? Do it.

Taking the initiative toward things you truly want will only benefit yourself in the end. And the best part? It was all you.

As an Aries, I appreciate my outlook on life and acceptance to take other people's perspective into consideration. I'm constantly in awe and in love with the idea of how big the world is and what I can give in return.

And even though Aries sometimes have issues with sharing, you can borrow their fearless qualities anytime.