5 Reasons You'll Never Lose Yourself In A Relationship With An Aries

by Lauren Carey

Having narrowly escaped being born on April Fools' Day, I was brought into this world under the fiery sign of Aries on April 2. For this reason, I can attest to the accuracy of the various attributes bestowed upon the notorious ram.

For years, I've marveled over astrology's uncanny ability to define my strengths and weaknesses. Even my skeptical mind can't deny that everything the horoscopes say are true.

That being said, a person's astrological sign can be an extremely helpful indicator when it comes to dating. In a world of sugarcoated social media and endless online dating profiles to weed through, it's hard to know what you're getting into.

If you're dating or thinking about dating an Aries, astrology is the equivalent of a free gift from the universe. Use it. It offers insight into five main attributes that, when combined, explain why dating an Aries is both a challenge and a reward. It's also why you'll never look at love the same way again.

1. Independent

If you choose to date an Aries, you can be sure your relationship won't be a clingy one. Our sign comes first, therefore, so do we.

We're not needy or smothering. We like our space, and we're self-sufficient. So, if you threaten to take that away from us, don't be surprised when we get defensive. We have no problem being on our own, and we may even prefer it sometimes.

Don't be offended. We just know life throws curveballs, and depending on another person is a risk we are not willing to take. Independence is confidence, and confidence is sexy. We don't need you to be happy, but we want to be with you.

2. Adventurous

We are always searching for an adventure. Don't put it past us to book a spontaneous flight to a foreign country, suggest skydiving as a casual weekend activity or suddenly discard our clothing for a quick dip in the ocean.

We're insatiable free spirits with one question always on our minds: What's next? Because we're thrill-seekers, dating an Aries means your relationship will never go stale.

3. Blunt

Being blunt doesn't have the most desirable ring to it, but hear me out. Mixed messages and games, be gone. We tell it like it is. We're not dripping honey in your ears, and you will always know where you stand with us.

This trait keeps the lines of communication wide open. We have no problem telling you how we feel, and we will expect the same in return. Along the same lines, while we have no problem telling you what we don't like, we actually really enjoy telling you what we do like in descriptive, elaborate detail.

4. Stubborn

Again, this doesn't exactly top the list of most desirable qualities. But, if you want to date an Aries, you must take us as we are. No matter how right you think you may be, lay down your armor because an Aries is as stubborn as a ram, an ox, a mule and a bull combined. Basically, you stand the same chance of winning an argument with us as you would with farm animals.

We're also not particularly receptive when it comes to comments and criticism, so tread lightly. If we apologize first, it's either a moment for the record books, or we accidentally ran over your dog. But what you call stubborn, we call perseverant. We like to get our way, and as such, we're quite successful in many areas of our lives.

5. Generous

If you manage to capture the heart of an Aries, be prepared for the overflow of generosity that will follow. We know we're stubborn, tactless and blunt at times. We know we can be offensive when we need space, and we are easily bored when our adventurous souls aren't fed.

Therefore, if you succeed in loving us, tolerating us and keeping us happy in spite of these things, expect our whole heart in return. We know dating us is a challenge, so we'll be sure to repay you with a life full of love and adventure.