7 Truths About Your Long-Distance Friendship That Make It Withstand The Miles


Without a doubt, the bond you share with a long-distance best friend is a special, unparalleled one. Although your friendship doesn't have the luxury of being close, and you may only get to see them every once in awhile, you know you can't live without them. Living far from each other might lead to more obstacles than a friend who lives down the road, but that's what makes it so amazing when you reunite. Yes, you're most likely extremely sad you can't chill with your bestie every Wednesday night for wine and a movie marathon, but that doesn't change the fact that she's your go-to person. There are just some truths about your long-distance friendship that make it withstand however many miles you live apart. This definitely may not be something you can say about every friendship you have, and that's the reason why you guys will remain in each other's lives forever.

I can go years without seeing my best friend, but she's still the person I text whenever I really need some great advice. I'm constantly laughing at inside jokes we have, even when she's not there. It's been a relationship we've worked hard to make last for years, despite being far away from each other. If you and your best friend are in the same boat, you know no distance has ever been able to truly separate you two. These seven truths are what make your long-distance friendship work so well.

1. You Don't Need Her To Be Physically By Your Side To Know She's There

Chelsea Victoria

When your BFF can't be by your side, you know she's always metaphorically there. You could call or text her at any moment of the day, and she'll get back to you ASAP. You know that saying about how you're never really alone when you have great friends? Well, she's the definition of that saying.

2. You Still Make Each Other Laugh All The Time

Jovana Rikalo

You may not be able to crack jokes to each other in person, but she still makes you laugh. You could be out with other friends and see something that reminds you of your inside joke from years ago, and instantly start cracking up. The little things that make you think of her cheer you up more than any comedy movie ever could.

3. You Still Spend Holidays Together As Best You Can

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You may not get to see each other every single year, but she will always Skype you on your birthday and call on any major holiday. So, it's like you're together, even though you're apart. You also always send each other sweet presents and postcards in the mail.

4. You're The First To Check In On Big Life Events


You may not know every little detail of your long-distance bestie's day-to-day life, but you do keep up with the big stuff. You also know the 411 on the important things, like a new job and who she's dating. No matter where you're at in life, you'll always be invested in her, because you're her biggest cheerleader.

5. You Always Greet Each Other Like You're Already In The Middle Of A Conversation


It could be months since you last spoke, but once you do get to talk again, it's like that time never passed. There is no awkward getting back into the flow of things. You're more than comfortable with each other, and pick up right where you left off.

6. You Consider Her Your Family

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Honestly, your relationship with your long-distance best friend is very similar to any member of your immediate family. You don't get to see each other that often except for major holidays, but you make a solid effort to keep in touch. Even your family asks how she's doing because it's like she's another daughter.

7. You Have A History Together

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Your long-distance best friend may be someone from your childhood. You've been split up by the different paths you took in life, but that doesn't mean you erase any of your history. You have such a long and great story together that no distance could ever come between that.