Jovana Rikalo

Tiny & Meaningful Tattoos To Get With Your Sorority Sisters


The beautiful bond you share with your sorority sisters is, undeniably, a magical one.

Once you wrap up senior year of college, you may long for something that will forever seal the friendship with your sisters, no matter where your post-grad plans may take you.

Getting a tiny, but extremely meaningful tattoo with your sorority sisters is the perfect place to start.

If you joined a sorority without having any sisters, your sorority ladies truly became your family. They made you feel right at home.

And if you went into Greek life with sisters of your own, you gained even more with your letters.

Being included in that sisterhood bond is a spectacular addition to your overall college experience.

With each passing year, you grow so much closer with these girls, and even gain a “Little” or two of your own. I'm a firm believer that having an incredible Big/Little match makes your Greek life memories all the more better.

Community service projects, weekend trips, and parties are so much more fun with the PB to your J right by your side.

If you're all about making your love for your main ladies permanent, here are 13 tattoo ideas to consider.

1. Matching compasses that will always guide you back to each other.

2. “Big” and “Little” written out someplace special.

3. Your sorority mascot.

4. “Forever My Sister,” or "Sisters" written out.

5. Infinity signs, because your love is eternal.

6. The date of your Big Little reveal, so you'll always remember that incredible moment.

7. The name of your sorority, spelled out.

8. Your letters.

9. Matching anchors, because you keep each other grounded.

10. Your family name.

11. A symbol that represents your family name.

12. Your sorority's flower, because your friendship has blossomed into something beautiful.

13. "All you need is love" written out.

Give your bond the everlasting treatment it deserves, and get tatted up with your girlfriends.