Sorority, Not Sorry: 21 Reasons Why I Have No Regrets About Joining A Sorority

by Ashley Fern

Sorority girls get a bad rap. This is something I really can't wrap my mind around, but I guess I'm just biased. Being a part of a sorority opened me to opportunities that I would have never been exposed to had it not been for said sorority.

Being a Kappa Delta for four years in college shaped my life in ways I can't even begin to explain, but it's just something you have to experience to understand.

Many people believe that sorority girls are dumb, silly, party girls who pay for friendship that they would otherwise not be able to obtain, but, honestly, that is far from accurate.

Sure, we get drunk and run around campus like lunatics, but isn't that what a college experience is supposed to entail?

Here are the reasons joining a sorority was the best decision you ever made:

1. Networking

Let's get the most obvious and least exciting reason out of the way first. Networking is great because your sisters' connections become your connections.

There's no better way to be referred to someone else than through word of mouth, especially when this person only has great things to say about your work ethic.

2. Your sisters are actually still your sisters

Who do you spend the better part of your day talking to? Your pledge sisters.

Who do you hang out with on the weekends? Your sisters. Who do you call when you are walking alone at night? Yup, you guessed it.

3. You accumulated the best pajama collection ever

You know it's basically social suicide to rock any type of Greek apparel outside in the real world, which is why your collection has become the best pajama line, ever.

4. You always had someone to do something with

The best part of joining a sorority is that you have someone to accompany you wherever you want to go.

You have a gym partner, a study buddy, a wing woman and a drinking friend — what more could you ask for?

5. You got hired and got your friend a job

Your sorority sister friends aren't just limited to your pledge class, but the younger and older girls as well. The best way for a recent grad to get a job? Hit up her older sister...

6. You can stomach anything

From jars of mayonnaise to tequila shots — you now have a stomach made of iron.

Sure, pledging may have sucked, but it's what brought you closer in the end.

7. You can be rowdy and professional at the same time

Business in the front, party in the back is basically your life motto.

8. You can be thrown into any uncomfortable situation and be perfectly fine

Have you ever been forced to make small talk with hundreds of girls? Do you know how awkward and uncomfortable that can get?

Going through sorority recruitment definitely prepared you in ways you couldn't even fathom back when you were actually doing it.

9. You can have roommates and not want to kill them

Living with 40 plus girls is no easy feat, and it definitely prepared you for any and every living situation you could ever find yourself in as a post-grad.

Living with one girl? Piece of cake. Two girls? Even better, bring it on.

10. You meet people you would never have met otherwise

If you go to a large university, how are you expected to meet the most people you can if you don't join an organization that helps to make the school seem smaller?

Too many people think that by joining a sorority, you are alienating yourself; in actuality, you are doing the complete opposite.

11. You probably wouldn't have graduated without your sisters

When you join an organization like a sorority, chances are you aren't going to be the only one within your major.

Older girls can help you prepare and offer you guidance while girls your own age will help you study. Everything is better in pairs, especially mandatory prerequisites.

12. You also probably would never have gotten a job without your sisters

The advice older girls can give you is highly valuable and so are the job connections they have.

Someone's mother's brother's wife knows someone out there who can get you a job. Don't believe me? Just try.

13. ...or laid


14. You actually felt like you contributed to society

Whoever thinks the philanthropic aspect of sorority life is non-existent was most definitely not in a sorority. Despite popular belief, we actually do enjoy giving back to the community.

15. Your funniest and most ridiculous memories are with these girls

The stories and memories sorority girls have between one another are ones that cannot be repeated. Ever. Except amongst each other, and with damn good reason.

16. How else could you justify going on spring break to your parents?

"Oh hey, mom and dad, I need to go to Mexico for a week. Yes, I know there's a drug war going on, but all of the other girls are allowed to go... Yeah, I'll be safe and call you every night. Thank you!"

17. Unlimited wardrobe options

Joining a sorority means your wardrobe gets multiplied by at least 30. Can you think of anything better than wearing awesome clothes you didn't have to pay for? Winning.

18. People plan your fun for you

There's a reason there's a social chair job and just be lucky it wasn't yours.

19. You now use everyone's birthday as an excuse to reunite in the real world

How else are you supposed to justify taking off work, traveling across the country and getting drunk with your best friends at the age of 25?

20. You don't have to think twice about who will be your bridesmaids

Check, check and check. The hardest part of most women's weddings just became your easiest.

21. You had a home away from home

When you are miles and miles away from home, adjusting to life on campus can be difficult, but that's what these girls were for and, honestly, you wouldn't have survived without them.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It