6 Real AF Thoughts The Married Chick Has Going To Las Vegas With The Girls

Olesia Bilkei/Shutterstock

Vegas with your girls has the potential to give you those crazy memories; the ones you actually have to be there to believe.

But, if you're the first one out of the bunch who's married, you know your thought process before you head off to Sin City is a little different from the rest of your girl pals.

Maybe you can't get as wild as previous Vegas trips with your girls when you all had the same relationship status, but there's still room for an incredible time.

Besides, it's not like you're going to be walking around with a married button on your blouse.

If you're the married chick on the Vegas girls' trip, there's more than a few thoughts you consider before you hit the strip.

1. Will I Be The Only Married One There?

Not that this matters at all, because these are your closest girls, but it will still be something you think about before you jet off to the fun.

It's not like married people have a secret society or anything, and can't mingle with single people. That would just be weird AF.

2. It's Prime Time To Be The Ultimate Wing Woman

Because you're already covered with a great hubby at home, it's prime time to pay it forward and help your friends scope out people they may be interested in.

3. I'm Married, Not On Parole

For some reason, many people assume because you're married and you're a woman, you have to dress a certain way and act according to your new title. What does that even mean?

You can still rock that beautiful dress you feel comfortable and fabulous in, be married, and have a girls' weekend away from your husband. It's 2017, people.

4. Everyone I Meet Will Keep Asking Me The Same Question

It's understandable that some people try to find a starting point for conversation, but sadly, your ring may be the easiest target to do so. New people you meet will undoubtedly drop the "you're married?!" card.

Saying "yes" will sound like a broken record by the end of the trip.

5. FYI, I Have A New Emergency Contact

OK, maybe you didn't need a new permission slip, but you've definitely realized your sister is no longer the first person to call in case of emergencies; it's the hubby.

6. Yes, I'm Going To Secretly Miss The Hubby

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As much fun as you're going to have, there will be those moments where you'll wish the hubby was there. Hey, you can't help it; that's your bae... forever.

Vegas with your girls can still be full of fun, laughs, and excitement. If you're the married chick of the group, you'll find extreme comfort in knowing you also have all of those things at home, too.