8 Things That Happen When You're The First Of Your Friends To Tie The Knot

by Alexa Mellardo

If you're the first one of your friends to tie the knot, you know the struggle to stay afloat as a key squad member can be all too real.

You're loving the married life with your hubby, while your gal pals are doing what they do best: living it up like total queens.

Each stage comes with different perks. Being married to someone whom you fall more in love with each day is a high like no other, while chilling with the single squad always makes for a crazy fun time.

Most of us out there are all too familiar with what a girl squad entails.

Our mains know how to come in clutch, through thick and thin. We've most likely battled and conquered high school drama together, texted and missed each other every day throughout college and crushed post-college woes as a crew.

We've supported each other and been the biggest cheerleaders. We've been front and center for the most monumental moments in our bestie's lives.

And then, out of nowhere, something changes. IT happens.

One member of the squad becomes the very first to get into a super serious relationship. She's convinced he's “the one.”

That member… is you.

All of a sudden, you start ditching the squad to hang out with him. Weeks, and even months go by where you find yourself putting HIM first before the squad.

Even though a natural reaction from the squad may be, “Hold up — WTF, girl?” they realize it's your time, and you've fallen completely in love. Everyone handles having a significant other differently.

Before you know it, you've said “I do,” and are happily married. But there's another part of your life (that was once top priority), that has drastically changed.

These are the hardest parts of being the first one in the friend group to tie the knot.

1. You're happy, as you should be… but you're also broken.

While you're living on cloud nine with your hubby, there's a part of you that can't help but be sad, wishing your squad was in the same phase as you.

2. Things aren't the same as they once were when everyone was single.

You can still chill with the squad, but it's so obvious things have changed.

3. You may not have a lot of married friends to bond with (if any at all).

…Because you tied the knot first.

4. You'll miss out on fun weekend getaways.

Your friends may naturally assume you have plans with the hubby.

5. You're not going to be dancing on the bar anymore with your single ladies.

No more dropping it like it's hot on club tables while getting lit to Queen Bey's “Single Ladies."

6. You'll miss the inside jokes.

Most of the time, you feel like an outsider because you miss out on so many plans. Being on the outside of the joke is the worst feeling ever.

7. You may feel uncomfortable making certain plans without including your hubby.

...And he may not want you to.

8. At times you feel like you don't have anything in common with the squad anymore.

This is what truly cuts the deepest.

The way I see it, it's difficult for the first person in the squad, and it's difficult for the last… for many different reasons. Fear not, because everyone catches up to this stage at some point or another.

When it comes down to it, love happens at different times for everyone. I guess we know it's real when it suddenly happens.

A squad shouldn't be too quick to judge the first married one in the group for missing out on plans, while the married gal shouldn't feel so disappointed when the single crew makes some plans without her. It all balances out in the end.