7 Things I Used To Think Were Cool In High School That Are Lame In College

by Tessa Harvey

Let me tell you, time flies. I'm about to be a senior in college, but I swear my high school graduation was literally, like, just last week. Looking back on all of those really weird, lame things that were cool in high school, like wearing headbands with bows like I was Blair Waldorf with every single outfit, seriously make me want to cringe.

Luckily, some sense got knocked into me, and I've realized the error in my ways, but there's really no living down the past. Instead, here it is for your complete entertainment. These seven things I did in high school I'd never be caught dead doing now that I'm in college. They certainly make for great laughs.

1. Wearing Branded Hoodies On The Regular

I can distinctly remember begging my mom to buy branded hoodies for me to rock at school on the regular. For some reason, the little branded icon meant so much to me. Let me let you in on a secret, though: Those hoodies were a total fashion disaster and the brands were serving some serious injustice to our naïve selves.

2. Having An Obnoxious Stash Of Mechanical Pencils

You'd think this phase would've died out in middle school, but no. For some reason, mechanical pencils were popular AF. If you weren't writing your back to school essay with a mechanical pencil, have fun being weird. Now I know those pencils are a complete joke. I'll stick with the pens, because, #adulting.

3. Being Proud AF Of My Sharpied Keds

Why was it that every kid in high school seemed to get a plain pair of Keds with intention that all of their friends could Sharpie the hell out of them? For some reason, we all thought it was super cool to initial our names and notes on someone else's shoes. It was like we couldn't let the initialed cast phase go.

4. Carrying Around Binders For Every Class Subject

Rob and Julia Campbell

Back in high school, you knew someone had their sh*t together when they had color-coded binders and notebooks for every single class. In retrospect, though, this is dumb AF, and seriously unnecessary. Who wants to carry around five binders and separate notebooks?

5. Driving To School

Driving to school when I was 16 was everything. Nothing beat pulling up in your car (even if I did drive a 17-year-old Ford Taurus), and waving at your friends jumping out of their parents' minivans. Now, driving to school just means I have to pay an arm and a leg for a parking pass that gets me a mile from where I need to go.

6. Staying On FaceTime Until 2 a.m.

Back in high school, I'd hide out in the basement and talk on FaceTime until just a few hours before I'd have to go to school. I thought I was so bad*ss for it... even though I would see all of my friends in school the next day. Now, you couldn't pay me to sacrifice my sleep for a few more hours on the phone.

7. Wearing Converse With Every Single Dress I Owned

Deirdre Malfatto

Maybe it was that Demi Lovato lyric I heard in middle school: "Who said I can't wear my converse with my dress?" But for some reason, I thought it was the coolest thing ever to walk around wearing Converse sneakers with every single one of my sundresses. I can distinctly remember planning the outfits with glee. Someone please burn this memory. Now, I rock my Converse with my jeans.