17 Things To Do On MDW That Have Nothing To Do With Getting Drunk

by Alexandra Strickler

Memorial Day is meant to be celebrated as a solemn remembrance of the brave men and women who have fought to protect our freedom here in America.

But we all know many (if not most) people will likely be spending the three-day weekend perpetually drunk off their asses, just because.

Contrary to popular belief, though, there are so many other ways to spend the long weekend that don't involve alcohol whatsoever.

Whether you're trying to give your body a break from all the vodka sodas you usually drink on the weekends, or you've simply just never been much of a drinker, here are 17 things you can do for Memorial Day Weekend that don't involve alcohol.

1. Spend an afternoon at the bookstore. Sit against the shelves, enjoy the silence, and lose yourself in some awesome fiction for the day.

2. Whip up an amazing brunch spread, and invite any hungover friends to your apartment to indulge with you. They'll owe you big time for your generosity.

3. Get some bath bombs and enjoy a relaxing, serene bubble bath, complete with candles and a good book, or some soothing tunes.

4. Visit a friend or relative you haven't seen in awhile. If the weather's in your favor, find an outdoor restaurant for lunch or coffee.

5. Go to an adoption shelter and play with some fur babies, just because. For all you know, maybe you'll leave with a little pup or kitty of your own.

6. If you're able to find one near you, take a stroll along the beach. Listen to the crashing of the waves and soak in the beauty of the shore.

7. Create a vision board to help you establish your goals for the upcoming summer. Pin images, quotes, and anything else that inspires you to a cork board, and make sure you hang it somewhere you'll see it every day.

8. Find somewhere to volunteer in your area. Bonus points if you can find a way to volunteer your time for veterans or other military service members.

9. Hit up a trampoline park for an all-natural high, sans the alcohol or drugs. You might be one of the only adults (without kids, that is) there, but who really gives a sh*t?

10. Go for a hike, and be sure to pack a blanket and some food so you can treat yourself to a little picnic once you reach your destination.

11. Reorganize your closet. With summer just around the corner, the timing literally couldn't be better. Pro tip: Take a cue from author and organizing consultant Marie Kondo, who advises people to "discard anything that doesn't spark joy."

12. Invite your friends out for karaoke. Sure, they might hit up the bar themselves, but you don't need to be drunk to belt out your favorite tunes.

13. Indulge in a movie night at home. Go all out with popcorn, candy, soda, and dim the lights as if you were in a real movie theater.

14. Find somewhere in your area to see some live music, whether it's a last-minute concert, or just a local band you stumble upon at a restaurant.

15. Go on an aimless road trip. Hop in the car, have a killer playlist ready to go, and simply drive.

16. Look for a Memorial Day parade in your area. They're happening all over the country for the holiday weekend, and they're sure to have some tasty food and cool live performances.

17. Go to a local park and people-watch for awhile (don't deny it, you know it's fun). Just make sure you're wearing sunglasses so no one knows how creepy you actually are.