7 Things That Happen When You're An Introvert With An Extrovert Best Friend

Bhakti Creative/Pixabay

Sometimes, opposites really do attract. And let's be honest, introvert and extrovert friendships are some of the best there is.

With contrasting personalities, like yin and yang, the difference between friends will help them keep each other in balance.

The perks of being an introvert with an extrovert best friend are endless, and vice versa. You and your bestie will give each other a new perspective on life, and how to live it.

For introverts, new friendships can be a bit intimidating. It's hard to know what to expect in the time ahead since friendships can go in any direction.

However, these are just a few of the things that can happen when you're an introvert with an extrovert best friend.

1. You'll Be Constantly Drained Of Energy

When your bestie is as social and energetic as they are, it can be hard to keep up.

You'll do your best to tag along with your friend because you love them endlessly, but there's nothing wrong with spending a night in to recharge. Believe me, they'll understand, and they'll love you just the same.

2. You'll Enjoy Doing Absolutely Nothing Together


You'll know the friendship is real when you and your BFF can do absolutely nothing and still have the best time together.

Your introverted self will be in the zone while you're chilling together, but even the extroverts need some relaxing one-on-one time with their friends.

It won't matter what you're doing (if you're doing anything at all) as long as you're doing it together.

3. You'll Want A Night In While They Want A Night Out

Even the best of friends occasionally disagree.

This discord may rear its ugly head more often than not when you and your bestie are so different. But don't worry; something as small as this won't get in between two friends who really care for each other.

You'll find your own ways to solve this dispute. Compromise is key, but keep an open mind when your friend asks you to join her at the club tomorrow night.

4. You'll Both Learn How To Compromise and Broaden Your Horizons

This is true of many, if not all, friendships, but especially when best friends are so different.

You'll find a way to have the best of both worlds, but sometimes, you'll be surprised by how much you're enjoying being out and about.

Your extrovert BFF will enjoy a night in sometimes, too, so you'll get your way every now and then.

5. Your Bestie Will Have No Problem Speaking Up

One of the perks of hanging around an extrovert is you have someone to speak up when you really don't want to.

Be warned, though, your friend will also speak up to you if there's a need for it. As any best friend should, an extrovert will be brutally honest with you, even when you don't want to hear it.

6. You'll Give Each Other A Different Perspective

Omar Lopez/Unsplash

One of the coolest things about having a friend who's your opposite is the difference itself. It gives you both a whole new perspective on life and being social, which can change the way you live.

Being open-minded about new experiences can show you parts of the world you otherwise never would've known about, and it's all thanks to your BFF.

7. You'll Keep Each Other In Check

The great thing about opposites is their ability to balance each other out.

When your best friend gets too excited or makes too many plans, you're there to calm things down. When you're stuck in a rut, your bestie will whisk you away to a day full of excitement.

The possibilities really are endless.