6 Things Only Your Older Sister Can Still Teach You About Heartbreak


I've relied on my sister for a lot of help growing up. As the older sister, she had been through so many more life experiences that I hadn't even gotten to yet... most especially, heartbreak. So, what I hadn't figured out for myself, my sister was there with a ton of advice to help me cope with just about any relationship hurdle. As much as you may want to stay in a friendship or relationship, sometimes, they just end. I know from personal experience this is all too true: There are some things your sister teaches you about heartbreak you'd only want to hear from her.

Your sister makes the pain a lot more bearable. Even when you think you don't need your older sister now that you're an adult, you can still rely on her helpful knowledge to get you through the rough patches. My sister has taught me these six things that have helped me get through even the hardest breakups.

1. Sometimes, You Just Need An Epic Breakup Playlist

My sister was always there with a mix CD in hand to help me get through any breakup. She knew there was a great song that could help me process my heartbreak, and then dance it off. Your sister being there to provide you with relief and music can be the strongest kind of medicine for any broken heart. Just throw on a Taylor Swift song, and shake those blues off.

2. You're Worthy Of Love


Your sister is there to remind you that you still deserve to be loved. She will always love you no matter what; even when you both get on each other's nerves, you will always have undying love for each other. Whether it's friends who turn out to not be friends at all or a long-term boyfriend who ends things, you still have someone in your life who cares for you... and that's your sister.

3. She'll Show You Things End, Because They're Supposed To

Your sister will remind you that some things just have an expiration date. I watched friends come into my sister's life at certain points because they gave her something she needed at that time -- like a friend to have fun with, or someone to talk to about a certain work issue, but that doesn't mean they were meant to be “forever friends.” Watching your sister have people come and go from her life just shows you that some relationships run their course.

4. She'll Remind You That You Were Too Good For Them

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Your sister is a good ego boost when you're going through the worst breakup. She will be there to remind you of all the awesome things your ex-friend or ex-boyfriend is now missing out on. She knows you better than anyone else, so she has a long list of all of the things that make you so special and unique.

5. She's On Your Side, 100 Percent

Even if she liked the friend or the guy you were dating, your sister will be on your side the minute it ends. She is there to encourage you that the split was the right decision and that person was not meant to be with you. She will be your biggest cheerleader so you never doubt yourself.

6. You Always Have Your Sister To Fill Any Void

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When I don't have a friend to text or a boyfriend to call, my sister is my go-to girl. Your sister will be there for anything you need when you're going through a breakup. She's happy to be an immediate substitute until you get back on your own two feet again. That's one of the many amazing things your sister is for.