14 Things You Did In College That Make 25-Year-Old You Say "WTF Was I Thinking?"

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Oh, college; it's one of the only places you can say made your life a living hell at times, but you came out smiling. No matter the toll it took on you, you had a come-up when you graduated with life-long friendships, memories, and a degree, of course. And let's be honest: When you replay a few of those crazy times in college, your grown-up self is in utter shock.

College is kind of like a four-year season of Survivor, with all of the twists and turns of any great television series. You know there were times you muscled through and reflected some superhuman strengths. It can be surprising as heck when you think back on all you accomplished... while juggling everything in the circus that came with being in college. Here are 14 things you did during those memorable four years that will undoubtedly make 25-year-old you say, "WTF was I thinking?"

1. Going Out Every Night Of The Week

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Monday? Doesn't matter. Every day of the week is an equal opportunity to be out and about on the town with your friends. Let the turning up begin.

2. Day Drinking Before Afternoon Classes

Hey, how else can you reap the benefits of scheduling a late afternoon class if you can't cheers to it? Once you turn 21 in college, the beverage freedom is in full swing. Also, if that's what was in the dorm, you most likely drank it.

3. Pulling All-Nighters To Cram For A Test

Remember the mention of superhuman strengths? All-nighters are proof college students are resilient unicorns that don't let time get them down. Of course, after that test is over, they're ready for hardcore hibernation.

4. Wearing The Same Sweatshirt Several Days In A Row

Sometimes, you just had to roll out of bed and head to class with limited clean laundry. Sweatpants and a sweater were college couture. Only you really noticed that is was the same pairing as yesterday, right?

5. Taking Cat Naps After Every Class

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Studying and cat naps were no joke. If your college library was open 24 hours, you had a free place to sleep and study for the night. The college mentality translates to getting things done by any means necessary.

6. Swapping Out Water For Energy Drinks And Coffee

Water is cool and all, but coffee and energy drinks perked you up real quick. Sometimes, there was no room for the luxury of sipping on water. Caffeine was life any time of the day.

7. Late-Night Missions To Get Food

Getting food late at night was always a group effort. Whether you bought the person driving their food, or pitched in for gas, you were getting those French fries. If you had to walk or take your bike because you didn't have a car, the struggle was real.

8. Being Hungover In The Dining Hall

Did I mention turning 21 in college was a complete turning point? You had to eat, though. So, if you had to wear sunglasses in the dining hall to cover your hangover look, so be it.

9. Eating Cold Pizza For Breakfast

Food was food in college. No item went to waste, and sooner or later, you stopped categorizing meals. You were just happy you had a meal.

10. Not Remembering Where You Put Your Phone After A Night Out

This day and age, social media serves as a reminder of the things you can't quite recall. Those party nights don't remain closeted for long. You were there, it was fun, but you don't necessarily remember where the heck you misplaced your phone.

11. Mixing All Types Of Alcohol In One Sitting

Now that you're older, it may be hard to stomach hard liquor, wine, and beer in one sitting. In college, booze was booze, and it may have been easier to snap right back. Today, the thought alone is nauseating.

12. Having To Explain Yourself To The RA

Dorm life had rules that you consistently broke. Having the resident adviser knock on your door because of the noise was a weekly ritual. The people downstairs were not fans of you and your roommates, either.

13. Losing Track Of A Friend During Spring Break Shenanigans

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We all have that one friend who parties all night long in the mist of spring break fun. It's a great story to tell later, but it was likely a stressful experience. No friend left behind.

14. Living Paycheck To Paycheck

In college, we loved our independence, but weren't about having to pay for it. Adulting starts to settle in, and you're literally counting the pennies to pay rent and other bills. There's a beauty in the struggle, though, because you made it. Once you graduate college and reach your quarter-life crisis, you'll always be amazed by the crazy things you did in college. These moments shaped who you are today, and you wouldn't change the experience one bit.