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Why Day Drinking Is Both A Blessing And A Curse

Day drinking seems like a gift from the gods. We are floating on sunshine while drowning in malt liquor. Who drinks malt liquor? You ask. People who brag about day drinking, of course!

A long time ago, people discovered alcohol made everything better, including the sun. This catapulted some of the best inventions our generation knows including KanJam, koozies and even brunch!

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There comes a moment in day drinking, however, usually when the sun is setting, that reminds us we successfully survived half the day of drinking. It is the moment we decide if we're going to make this a double shift at the brewery or if we are clocking out.

If you make it to the nighttime shift, you are considered an unstoppable warrior. You may not win an award, but your battle scars will say it all.

Most videos about day drinking will give you tips on how to survive a day of drinking. We're not here to remind you to drink water. If you don't know to do that, you deserve the hangover. “Generation whY” is back for its sixth season, and our only tip is to top you off.

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Special thanks to Bo's Kitchen and Bar Room, @bos_nyc. #yeahyouright.

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