10 Things Every Student Does That Are Unacceptable Anywhere Other Than College

Living the college life is an experience unlike any other. Especially if you're living on or near campus, you'll be spending the majority of your life with other students, which basically guarantees your life is about to get a lot more interesting. Sometimes, students have to take a few shortcuts in order to stay on top of schoolwork, extracurriculars, and having a social life.

You'll pick up a lot of odd behaviors from other students, some of which could be super helpful throughout your college career. Others, however, are just plain weird. But, they make your college life that much more interesting. Here are 10 things every student does that are unacceptable anywhere other than in #college.

1. Napping In Public


If there's one thing students learn from the day they step foot on campus, it's how to be resourceful. This definitely comes in handy when finding a decent spot for a quick nap. While the library is the most popular napping destination, it's not uncommon to find students taking advantage of the outdoors on a warm day. Keep an eye out for creative nappers if you're really looking for a laugh; they could be anywhere.

2. Aiming For The Bare Minimum

When a term paper is supposed to be eight to 10 pages, the majority of students will most likely be writing eight pages. When you only need a "C" to pass, not everyone will be aiming for an "A." When an assignment is due at midnight, there will undoubtedly be a lot of submissions at 11:59.

3. Wearing The Same Clothes Two Days In A Row

When a load of laundry costs as much as a fancy latte, students are a lot less inclined to do it. Instead, they'll just keep on wearing the same few comfy things they've worn every day this week. Plus, the students in your Monday and Wednesday classes won't see you on Tuesday and Thursday, so who really cares?

4. Eating The Cafeteria Food On The Reg

Anatoly Vartanov

If you can't immediately remember the last time you had an actual home-cooked meal, you're not alone. Especially when you're tight on money and time, it can be difficult to cook your own food. This is why a lot of students have meal plans, and hit up the cafeteria on the reg.

5. Wearing Pajamas Everywhere

Sometimes, you just don't feel like changing into jeans before class, and that's OK. No one will judge you for living your life from the comfort of your pajamas. If you're still concerned about looking nice, leggings are a stylish option that are just as comfortable.

6. Being A Little Too Thrifty

Simone Becchetti

College is expensive, which means students have to keep a tight budget. When you're so used to being cheap, though, it's not difficult to let things go a little overboard. Living off of instant Ramen and reusing plastic silverware for the entire semester probably isn't the best idea, but a student's got to do what a student's got to do.

7. Eating At Strange Times

College students are known for late-night trips to the drive-thru. Maybe it's all of the studying keeping them awake and hungry, but eating in the middle of the night definitely seems to be more common in college than anywhere else. While it may not be an unacceptable habit in the real world, it sure isn't normal.

8. Riding A Scooter As Your Main Method Of Transportation

College freshmen around the globe are surprised to see the amount of scooters on campus, which is a totally normal reaction. I hadn't seen a scooter since elementary school, so I was shocked to see them all around my college campus. Eventually, you'll get used to it, and maybe you'll even get one for yourself.

9. Consuming Large Amounts Of Caffeine At Ungodly Hours Of The Night


While being late to your lecture because of the line at Starbucks isn't totally unheard of, it gets a little strange if that lecture is a night class. The sad reality is that classes and assignments will simultaneously keep you awake and completely drain you. There will come a time in every student's life when pulling an all-nighter becomes inevitable, and when that time comes, caffeine will be there to help you get through it.

10. Taking The Shortest Naps Known To Man

Even if you only have 15 minutes between classes, you can squeeze a nap in there somewhere. Sometimes, you just need to shut your eyes for awhile to even stand a chance at surviving your next lecture. Tiny naps are easy enough and can be taken anywhere, so get creative.