Here's the best part about being a bridesmaid.

7 Amazing Things About Being A Bridesmaid No One Talks About Enough


The bridesmaids are almost as important as the bride on the wedding day. They're usually a posse of the bride's most loyal girls that will be by her side through it all. It should be a great honor if you're chosen to be one.

From start to finish, bridesmaids are there for the bride getting things in order so her special day is as close to perfect as possible. The process of getting engaged, planning, and then the actual wedding can be a bit stressful. Bridesmaids are literally there to help ease that stress, even if just a little bit, without a physical reward in the end. It's often overlooked, but there are so many amazing things about being part of the bride tribe.

1. Seeing The Bride's Face When She Finds Her Dress

When the bride has found her perfect dress, you're front and center to witness that amazing glow on her face. It's almost something straight out of a fairytale. Everything you thought you knew about the bride fades, and you're introduced to a new type of happiness she reveals in that smile.

2. Planning A Lit Bachelorette Party

OK, this is definitely one of the best parts. Planning a dope bachelorette party for your bride not only shows how much you care, but it will also be an amazing opportunity to make memories. Let the champagne popping begin.

3. Deep Talks About The Bride's Love For The Groom

Because you're the bride's go-to squad, you love those heartfelt moments. Grab the tissues, because things will get deeper than the conversations you've had before. That's what happens when you trust a group of women endlessly.

4. Being Part Of A Turning Point In Your Girl's Life

As a bridesmaid, you're actually part of a major milestone in someone's life. And no matter how much time goes by after that, you'll always be a piece in the bride and groom's history. That's something to be forever cherished.


5. Getting The Feels When Those Vows Are Exchanged

Yeah, everyone else gets to hear the vows, too, but you're right next to the bride when she recites hers. You may have even been around when she wrote and rehearsed them. Needless to say, you have a different emotional attachment to them then the rest of the wedding guests.

6. Comforting The Bride On The Big Day

Bridesmaids get to see all of the  phases of the bride. From excited, to nervous as hell, bridesmaids get to aid the bride so she's confident for the big day. The bride tribe never fails to deliver.

7. Contributing To Wedding Traditions

Being part of something borrowed, something blue can be both fun and memorable. The bride gets to keep whatever you give to her, and you both hold onto the meaning of the item forever. Make it count.

You won't ever truly understand the amazing things bridesmaids get to experience unless you've been one. So, if you're ever asked, get ready to have an incredible time. Dress shopping and bachelorette party planning await.