7 Differences Between Being A Bridesmaid In Your Early 20s And Your Late 20s

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Being a bridesmaid in anyone's wedding can be such a magical experience. You get to stand beside the union of two people dedicating themselves and their love to each other.

OK, now enough about them.

Being a bridesmaid is loads of fun, but it would be wrong to say you don't digest the whole experience differently based on how old you are. And maybe it has a bit to do with maturity, but for the most part, it just has to do with where you're at in life.

Many of us can admit our 20s, in general, are a roller coaster of experiences and turning points we can hardly stomach. Add a bride, groom, and a lot of wine into the mix, and you're in for so much more.

Whether you're a 22-year-old or a 29-year-old bridesmaid, you approach the wedding game a lot differently.

1. Not Having A Wedding Date

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In Your Early 20s: It can be a bit jarring going to a wedding solo, because you may not fully comprehend what you can still do without one. This may even be the first wedding you've ever been in. But trust me, your bridesmaid self will bring all of the fun to the table.

In Your Late 20s: Wedding? I'm there. No date? I'm coming twice as amplified and ready to have a good time. Also, the bartender is pretty damn cute...

2. Your Maid Of Honor Speech

In Your Early 20s: Hey, you can't quite help this, especially since you probably just graduated and may have met the bride while you were in college.

In Your Late 20s: College is behind you, so your speech will revolve around what your friendship turned into during your post-grad life. Yes, this even includes those not-so-wild wine and TV show nights in.

3. Catching The Bouquet

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In Your Early 20s: You can't blame yourself for wanting to be in the celebratory spirit, but there's still some blind eagerness that catching the bouquet actually means you're getting married. You're in a union with paying student loans for now, remember?

In Your Late 20s: Catching the bouquet isn't quite on your list of to-dos for the wedding. Look! It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's a bouquet that I'm not dedicated to catching.

4. Your Reaction To An Ugly Bridesmaid Dress

In Your Early 20s: You're still digesting that whole "think before you speak" mentality, so a few of those unpleasing thoughts about your bridesmaid dress may have slipped out. Oops.

In Your Late 20s: It's easier to joke about your bridesmaid dress, because it's not like you're rejecting to wear it. Besides, by this time, you realize it's for one day... and that day revolves exclusively around the bride.

5. How Much Booze You Drink At The Reception

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In Your Early 20s: Booze you say? It's easy to fall into the trap of free booze and a good time during a wedding when you're just entering into that drinking age. Mixing is also not off limits.

In Your Late 20s: You're not opposed to drinking, but you know the combination of what gets you a nice buzz and what will have you on the floor... and not the dance floor.

6. The Kind Of Bachelorette Party You Plan

In Your Early 20s: Vegas always sounds fun, especially with a big group of girls. Add on an awesome theme, and you're all in.

In Your Late 20s: Vegas is cool, but it can be so exhausting and you may know from experience that there's definitely room to forget everything that even happens. With that in mind, you get more innovative in your suggestions.

7. Listening To The Bride Vent

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In Your Early 20s: It's hard to disassociate yourself from someone's venting without dishing out a few of your own grievances. You may have some things you want to voice, but the only voice that truly matters for you is the bride's. Sorry, not sorry.

In Your Late 20s: You're a little more understanding about how things may not go as planned. Instead of joining the pity party, you're listening and scanning for the best solutions.

Every bridesmaid is different, and regardless of your age, have fun with it. Keep in mind your presence and attitude revolves around the same person who asked you to be part of the special moment: the bride.