There's A Solar Eclipse And A New Moon On The Same Day, So Get Ready To Manifest

by Rosey Baker

With Mercury going retrograde this week and everyone getting their panties in a bunch about a possible threat of WWIII, I am happy to be bringing some good news and spreading some cheer. Assuming that we aren't all nuked to death, Aug. 21 is bringing us a solar eclipse the same day we'll have a new moon in Leo, and that is a cosmic gift. We had a new moon in Leo last month, and it's rare to have two new moons in the same sign like this in a row.

New moons are for setting new goals, and for taking productive steps to make those goals a reality over the next six months. We recently had a lunar eclipse, signaling an ending to something in our lives. Solar eclipses, on the other hand, are a signal of a new beginning, and the solar eclipse happening right on the heels of a new moon, make this new moon extra powerful. It'll be like having three new moons rolled into one, so be extra conscious of the goals you're setting for yourself, and have a plan of action. Here are a few ways each zodiac sign can hone in on their personal needs and wants to make the most out of the cosmic calendar.


The new moon is in your fifth house of true love and creativity, meaning that around this time, an opportunity will present itself that will lead to meeting someone special, or come into an opportunity for a creative project that will truly make your heart flutter. Either way, your life will be changed by the person/the creative project that comes your way.


The new moon falls in your fourth house of home and family, and will be powered by a beneficial aspect from Uranus (bringing some surprising news) and Saturn (increasing your sense of stability). It looks as if the money you'll be making now will allow you to make some changes around your home that you previously thought weren't financially possible for you.


The solar eclipse and new moon will bring an opportunity to sign a contract having to do with your third house affairs: short distance travel, communications, journalism, public relations, and media. Hold off on signing this if you can, until the end of Mercury retrograde on Sept. 5. Keep an eye out for help from your friends at this time because Uranus, the planet of surprise, is sending beams of light from your 11th house of friendship.


This solar eclipse and new moon combo will open a completely new path to you in your second house of earned income, creating opportunities for you to make money in the ways that you truly want to. After the lunar eclipse, which signaled the end of one thing, you may now find that whatever you lost created more room for the opportunities that are now coming in. Get that money, baby.


You'll be happy to hear that you're the star of the show this eclipse season, and that the solar eclipse and new moon are BOTH in your sign, in your first house of self and identity. That means that something especially important to you -- and only you know that is -- will finally be coming to you now. The first house is an especially personal one, and with Jupiter present, you can expect a sudden lucky break to come to you.


This solar eclipse/new moon will be in your 12th house, the house which governs the subconscious mind. It also rules creativity, the kind of creativity that comes from your subconscious. It's possible that the work you're doing right now would benefit most if you isolate yourself and pay attention the the messages you receive through your dreams, either waking or asleep.


The eclipse earlier this month had you focused more on play than on work, and the eclipse on Aug. 21 will have you doing more of the same, as it's lighting up your 11th house of groups, organizations, and friends. That said, with Jupiter lighting up your chart, you could most likely have a gorgeous work opportunity come up for you through your social groups, so be sure to be out and about around this time.


Scorpio, this solar eclipse will open up a brand new path for you in your 10th house of career honors, awards, and achievements. You were focused more on your house and home around the lunar eclipse of Aug. 7, and something may have come to an end at that time. The solar eclipse will have you turning your attention outward, to your career standing, and with Jupiter's aspect, there's a good chance that you'll be receiving an opportunity or some recognition that will change your life in the next six months. You have much to look forward to.


Sagittarius, this eclipse falls in the house that your sign rules- the ninth house of foreign people and places, and with Jupiter in your friendship sector, the 11th house, your wishes are likely to come true thanks to a little help from your friends this month. The opportunities are likely to show up in publishing, broadcasting, travel overseas, or higher education.


This solar eclipse and new moon, as well as Mars (the action planet) and the Sun (planet of self and identity) are all in your eighth house at the time of the solar eclipse and new moon, meaning your focus will be on transformation. The focus could be money related, since the eighth house also rules debts, or shared resources. Even if the focus is on money, that money will be symbolic of a larger transformation you are undergoing, and you'll be happy to release whatever it is you need to in order to move forward.


Aquarius, this solar eclipse is happening in your seventh house of close partnerships. This means that the opportunity to partner with someone to create something meaningful in your life (whether that's a marriage, a work project, or a creative endeavor) will prove to be extremely powerful, and could potentially create a lot of money for you six months from now.


The lunar eclipse on Aug. 7 brought with it a low-key vibe, you may have found yourself isolating for a few days working on a creative project, paying close attention to your dreams, subconscious thoughts, and creative visions. But this next eclipse, along with the new moon will have you focused on your work. Your sixth house of daily work is lit up by this eclipse, allowing you more fulfilling opportunities to change the way you make money over the next six months.