4 Ways You Can Stay Fresh All Weekend At A Music Festival

From spring to fall, we're blessed with some of the most epic music festivals in the world.

All around the United States, we're planning insane weekends filled with lots of partying, incredible music and even better friends.

Most music festivals last the entire weekend, allowing you plenty of time to have a blast with friends, but also plenty of time to be outside sweating in the heat, smelling of alcohol and having your foundation straight melt off your face.

Believe it or not, there are ways you can stay fresh at your favorite music festival.

Take it from us, and follow these tips:

1. Choosing the right makeup is key.

If you're someone who loves the whole full-coverage foundation, contour, bake, winged liner, heavy mascara, full face of makeup like you're going to prom thing, you'll probably hate yourself by the end of the night.

Opting for lightweight makeup will literally be the light of your life for the weekend. If you're comfortable with it, avoiding foundation all together is probably your best option.

For those of us who can't get down with a bare face, opting for a long-lasting foundation (like the Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation) or an super light tinted moisturizer (I dig the Laura Mercier Tinted Facial Moisturizer) is essential.

If you're someone with more oily skin, it's also important to set your makeup with a setting spray or setting powder (like Kat Von D's new Lock-It Setting Powder) to keep your skin on point all night long.

2. The same goes for choosing the right wardrobe.

It's really important to take into consideration the location and the weather of the festival you're attending. Make sure to keep an eye on the weather a few days prior to help you plan out your outfit(s).

While looking stylish is always a main priority (trust me, I understand), comfort is also important, especially if you want to enjoy yourself. If the forecast says rainy, opt for a pair of rain boots.

Even if the forecast says sunny, opt for a pair of sneakers. Usually flip-flops aren't the best way to roll, considering the ground conditions. (Plus, who wants their toes getting stepped on all weekend?)

Don't wear clothes that you give a shit about. Many people go out and spend hundreds on a new festival wardrobe, but buying expensive stuff and then heading into the center of a mosh pit is probably not the best way to preserve those clothes.

Chances are, they'll end up covered in mud, alcohol or bodily fluids, and no one wants that.

3. Pack your bag like a pro.

What you pack in your bag is going to make or break your level of freshness and comfort for the weekend. It might be annoying to carry around full-size products, so I'd recommend travel sizes of any products that you choose.

The absolutely essentials are:

- Dry shampoo: It's one of the best products ever created, and it is mandatory for making it look like you're way fresher and cleaner than you really are. My favorite is the amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo because it smells like a dream, and it never leaves annoying white residue.

- Facial and body wipes: Having a way to remove any grossness that ends up on your face and body by the end of the night is absolutely necessary. We love a good makeup wipe not only to remove your facial makeup with, but to also give your body a quick cleanse.

- Hand sanitizer: For obvious reasons, you'll need to keep some sanitizer in your bag. Who the hell knows what kind of crap (maybe literally) will end up on your hands?

- Hydrating mist: When you're getting super hot and sweaty and think you might just flop over and die in the heat, a mist (like the H20 Oasis Quench the Day Hydrating Mist) can literally save your day (or life, if you're dramatic like me).

- A handheld fan: Even though you'll probably look super mom-like, who will be the ones laughing when you're living the life with a nice breeze, while everyone else is passing out from heat exhaustion? One with a water bottle is even more clutch.

- A thermal water bottle: I recently discovered the S'well water bottles, and I have to say, it absolutely changed my entire life. Whether I'm at the beach or by the pool, no matter how hot it is outside, this water bottle keeps your drink of choice freezing cold all day.

- Blotting sheets or powder: Like I said, those of us with more oily skin need to blot to get through life happily, so keeping some blotting sheets or a powder in your bag is great for midday touchups.

The actual bag you choose is also crucial. So you don't end up worrying about your stuff falling out or getting stolen, opt for a bag with a zipper. A backpack is an even better option.

Make sure your bag is made with a material that can be easily cleaned as well.

4. Remember that everything takes longer at a music festival.

In regular, day-to-day life, when you'd just head to the bathrooms whenever you had to go — even if you waited until the last second — bathroom lines at music festivals might take a long time. So, always take that into consideration.

Make sure you head there the second you feel the urge because no one wants to be the girl who peed her pants during Kanye's set.

Speaking of bathroom lines, basically lines in general take longer at music festivals. Make sure that if you're thirsty or hungry, you head to a food truck or station ASAP because dehydration and famine at music festivals can be a real struggle.