12 Signs Your Roommate Could Be Making Your Life Toxic

by Alexa Mellardo

If you have the slightest inkling something isn't adding up about your roomie, BEWARE.

A toxic roomie will never announce she's toxic right from the get-go. She doesn't come with a warning sign or have a #RoomieFromHell tank top she casually rocks to bed.

The chick certainly doesn't want to make it known to the world she's a poisonous snake… and her fangs hurt like a bitch.

She knows how to work it. She's as sly as a fox, and she wants you to trust her so she can get close. She assesses the situation, and then, BAM: She tries to pull the rug out from under you.

In most cases, she'll take on the fake appearance of your best friend. But actually, she's quite the opposite.


She's a toxic, backstabbing bitch, and many times, you won't catch her until it's too late.

I had a toxic roomie who I once considered to be one of my best friends. Then, she proved me wrong.

Luckily, I had awesome gal pals who had my back. They told that girl to take a hike where the sun don't shine.

The toxic roomie leaves breadcrumbs along the way that are easy to spot if you stay aware.

It's important to listen to your gut. If you have a feeling in the pit of your stomach that something seems off, it's because it usually is.

Don't push that little voice in your head away; it's only there to help you if it thinks something's up. Cut her loose.

Here are 12 signs your roommate is more toxic than you think:

1. You find out she's been talking behind your back.

This is always a red flag.

When you confront her about it, she denies it like it's her full-time job. She sucks up to you in the hopes you'll put it out of your mind (while she continues to stab you in the back).

2. You realize your food and wine are starting to go missing.

The betch has been eating all your favorite (and expensive AF) trail mix and protein bars.

3. She plans a get-together for the weekend and *forgets* to tell you about it.

OH, she also forgot to invite you… even though you live there. She acts like it was a total misunderstanding and it conveniently slipped her mind.

She's been “so busy.”

We're on to you, bitch.

4. She makes plans with your friends and excludes you.

Guille Faingold

She's all about that backdoor route.

If she KNOWS you already have something going on, she (intentionally) makes plans for that exact day.

She knows you won't be able to come. She tries to play the card, “Oh, well, I already knew you were busy, so I didn't think to ask.”

5. She wants to be included in all your plans, but never includes you in hers.

Because you're a good friend, you always extend the invite to her when something fun is going on.

But if she never reciprocates the offer, don't continue to ask her to join: She doesn't deserve it.

6. She doesn't acknowledge achievements in your life.

It's because she's insanely jealous, so she keeps quiet about them. She doesn't want to give you any more praise than you're already getting.

7. She'll pick a fight for no reason, and make it come across as though it's your fault.

When she's wrong (which is every single time), she will never apologize.

But she will accept YOUR apology with open arms.

8. She's inconsiderate and thinks nothing of making a ton of noise (intentionally, of course).

She's calculating. If she has to get up super early in the morning, then why shouldn't you, too?

9. She thinks nothing of using the last piece of toilet paper.

And she has no damn intention to replace the roll or buy more.

10. She's a constant attention seeker.

Aila Images

Everything revolves around HER, and she thrives off drama.

11. She lives for backhanded compliments.

The chick is a toxic nightmare, and she can make your life miserable.

12. She'll *accidentally* let something slip that you wanted to keep private.

YEP, she'll intentionally (but oh-so-sweetly) pretend she's the concerned citizen and tell your friends something you didn't want anyone else to know.

The toxic roomie begins to make small moves. Then, for the big finale, she may even have the balls to try and kick you out of YOUR OWN girl squad.


Fortunately, I'm SO blessed with the incredible roomie I live with now. But if you're not so lucky, keep your eyes in the front AND back of your head.

You can't live with all the negative vibes a toxic roomie constantly brings to the table. It will end up destroying your world and making each day a living hell.

The bitch needs to be stopped and put in her place, so she won't be able to cause any more damage to your life.