6 Telltale Signs That One Friend In The Squad Is Truly Your Closest BFF

by Tessa Harvey

There's something about having a girl squad that's undeniably amazing. Sure, pop culture has had something to do with the awesomeness of the girl gang (I'm looking at you, Taylor Swift), but there's still something so empowering about a group of friends who all have each other's backs, love one another, and will be there until the end. It's also not too terrible to have a solid group of girlfriends available to plan getaways with and take your essential candids when you need them to. But even so, there's usually that one friend in the squad who you're closest to. And yes, there are some telltale signs you've found your best friend forever in your squad.

She's the one you go to first when you've had a stressful work day, and she's the first person to make you laugh it off. You don't know when or how you both got so close, but you wouldn't have it any other way. You love your squad, but the special bond you have with that particular girlfriend is irreplaceable. How does it happen? Maybe we all subconsciously look for an even closer relationship within a group. Either way, the truth is, there's someone in your girl gang who's truly your closest best friend.

So, how do you tell which friend is yours? It's easier than you think. There are always little telltale signs, and chances are high that the two of you do them on the regular. If you and your BFF can relate to these points, you know she's your number one.

1. You Always Catch Onto Each Other's Little Jokes


Somehow, your main girl is always there to laugh or to make a face at your jokes... even if they're not very funny. When you're with the whole squad and the atmosphere is crazy AF, she still manages to acknowledge them. And then, of course, there's the classic "OMG" look you give each other when something bizarre goes down (a look similar to Jim's on The Office)

2. You're Blowing Up Each Other's Phone On The Regular


With a squad comes a massive group chat that's always blowing up your phone. Sure, you may have additional side convos with each one of your girlfriends, but with your BFF, you both rack up at least 100 texts within an hour. So yeah, it's safe to say you can double text in peace.

3. You Have More Heart-To-Hearts Together Than With Anyone Else


The best part about being in a squad is that there's always someone to talk to, but somehow, the two of you always end up talking to each other for hours. Don't get me wrong, you love the days when the whole group's together, opening up, but the one-on-ones with your girl end up making you feel so much better about anything you're going through. You know you can always count on her for the best, most genuine advice.

4. You Always End Up Next To Each Other In Squad Pics


Somehow, even when you're not trying to, you end up side-by-side in all of the squad pics you take. Snapping a picture at your pregame? The two of you are obviously arm in arm. Striking a pose at the beach? You're hip to hip.

5. When You're Not Together, You're Most Likely FaceTiming


You're always together, but if you can't be, you know you've heard from her. Forget the phone calls; the two of you use FaceTime more often than you text. I mean, how are you supposed to hear her incredible sarcasm through the screen? You even start to feel super weird if you haven't heard from her in a day.

6. You Use Each Other's Phrases


A major sign this girlfriend is your go-to in the girl gang? When she starts picking up your ridiculous (and incredibly genius) phrases. Part of you wants to laugh, but also, deep down, it feels really nice. Then, you catch yourself using her catchphrase and you're like, "Who am I?!"