9 Telltale Signs Your So-Called "Best Friend" In College Is Actually The Worst


Whether you met through roommates, or bonded over the stress of class registration, the friends you meet in college will quickly become friends for life.

Well, most of them, that is.

While you're sure to meet a ton of genuine, caring people, you'll meet others who don't mesh so well with your personality.

When a toxic person enters your life, it will be trouble from the start.

If you're the kind of person who likes to see the best in everyone, you'll accept this so-called "friend" into your life, regardless. Everyone could use a few more friends, especially ones to share the whirlwind college experience with.


Whether or not your relationship truly begins as friends, you'll eventually start to see their true colors.

If your bestie is using you, relying too much on you, or is just not the most empathetic person, it might be time to rethink your friendship.

These are a few things you can be on the lookout for if your so-called "best friend" is actually the worst.

1. They're Always Broke

It's no secret that many college students struggle financially, but using your friend to fix that problem is so not cool.

Even if your friend wouldn't miss a few dollars, it's super disrespectful to leave the expenses to them every time you go out. Unless they offer, or a mistake is genuinely made (aka, leaving your wallet at home), you both are responsible for the bills.

2. They Flake Out On You

If you have a friend who's always late, cancels plans at the last minute, or never keeps their end of the deal, it may be time to think some crucial things over.

Especially between classes and extracurriculars, finding time for going out with friends isn't always easy. If your friend is also in college, they should understand how valuable your spare time actually is.

A friend who doesn't respect your time isn't much of a friend at all.

3. You're Always Doing Them Favors

We all struggle from time to time, and we can't rely on our friends to fix every little problem we face.

If you have a great best friend, they'll surely offer to do what they can to help you out, but if the favors are always one-sided, it sounds like it's the perfect time to take a step back.

4. They Have A Ton Of Other "Best Friends"

There's nothing wrong about having a lot of friends, but when you call all of them your "best friend," it can be hard for anyone to tell where your loyalties truly lie.

Unless all of your besties know they're sharing the title of your best friend, they may feel like you're cheating on them if they run into any of the others.

5. They Don't Respect Boundaries

A friend who doesn't consider what you may or may not be comfortable with isn't a good friend.

If you asked them not to look through your Facebook notifications, or show up at your front door without warning, and they continue to do so, it might be time to have a talk.

6. You Only Talk About One Thing

It can be great to have a friend with a mutual interest, but the relationship is going nowhere if you can't talk about anything else.

If you try to change the subject, but they're just not willing, something fishy may be going on. You'd be surprised how sly a friend can be when they're actually using you.

7. They Never Text First

While there's absolutely nothing wrong about texting first, you'll start to notice if you're the only one doing it.

A true friend, especially a best friend, will genuinely want to reach out to you. They'll want to show you something funny, ask you for advice, or tell you about that super cute guy in your statistics class.

8. They Can't Keep Their Mouth Shut

Secrets are absolutely never to be shared, and if you're in college, you're at the age where you should know when someone is telling you something private.

If you're really not sure, it's best to ask your friend rather than to blab about it to a stranger. When in doubt, keep it to yourself.

When you have a friend who doesn't seem to know when to keep their mouth shut, it can be hard to accept that you may not be able to trust them as much as you thought you could.

9. They Never Apologize

A big part of being a friend is owning up to your mistakes. We all make them, and there's no shame in admitting it.

If your "best friend" never takes responsibility for their own actions, you can be sure that they won't want to be responsible for maintaining a friendship.