24 Reasons Why Your College Friends Will Be Your Friends For Life

by Ashley Fern

The friends you make in college are completely different from any other friends you will make in your entire life.

Unlike your high school friends, you actually chose these bonds based on common interests, not simply because you grew up with them.

In high school, you often get stuck with your group of friends because of proximity, not because you want to be. This is a huge reason people can't wait to run off to college -- and rightfully so.

Finally, you have the freedom to choose the people you want to spend the majority of your time with.

So what makes your college friends the best you'll ever have?

1. You are probably currently living with them

You don't understand when people tell you they're living with roommates they found on Craigslist.

You and your college friends have been talking about living together in the real world since the first day you met. Fast forward years later -- and you've lived up to that promise.

2. At least three of them have helped you get an interview

How else were you supposed to make connections in the real world? Everyone knows a personal recommendation is the best way to land any job.

3. Realistically, is there anyone else you want to go out with on the weekends?

Do you know how hard it is to make friends after you graduate? Even if you want to, it's your college friends you are starting the night with.

4. Your family has known them for as long as you have

From parents' weekend activities, to visiting each other over school breaks, your family has gotten to know and love them just as much as you.

5. You are bound to find one or two in any new city you go to

Staying in hotels are a thing of the past when traveling. Your friends' apartments that are scattered across the country serve as great places to crash while venturing. Which brings us to...

6. They are scattered across the world, giving you various vacation destinations

Your college friends give you the perfect reason to travel; you've always got a place to crash and you know it's going to be an amazing time.

It sure makes paying a fortune for airfare and Amtrak worth it.

7. You are definitely doing better than half of them

Sure, this sounds a little f*cked up, but you know it's true.

8. You still have people to complain about loans with

It's nice to feel as if you aren't alone out there, as you wrestle with your impending student loans that you can never seem to make a dent in.

9. You can stomach the cheapest of liquor and the fastest of foods with them

As a freshman in college, you were exposed to the bottom of the barrel, so anything from there is an upgrade in your eyes.

10. They've nursed you back to health countless times -- and vice versa

And they don't judge you! How great is that?

You can still manage to sit through dinner with them even though you know you're going to watch everything they put in their mouth come up again a few hours later. Friends don't let friends throw up alone.

11. They were there for your experimental first times

...And were right beside you, doing the same thing.

12. They've witnessed all of your emotional breakdowns and still want to be your friend

They were your punching bag when you were freaking out at your 48th hour in the library; they picked you up from your ex's after you trashed his room and they certainly were by your side as you got into another argument on the phone with your parents.

13. They can't not be your friend... they know much too much

They basically have no choice but to be your friends for life.

14. They know absolutely everything about you

From your eating habits, to your grooming habits (or lack thereof), they embrace every quirk about you and love you even more for it.

15. Who else are you going to invite to your wedding?

You need people alongside you to celebrate the day no one thought would ever happen.

16. You still share your closets while living on opposite sides of a city

"Remember that shirt I borrowed two years ago? Yeah, let me borrow that tonight, thanks."

17. The stories you have will never grow old

And they'll keep getting funnier the older you get -- and the more you tell them. By the time you reach your mid-30s, you won't even believe half of the sh*t you and your friends got up to.

18. You've traveled to various cities and countries with them

Studying abroad was one of the best experiences you will have in your entire life, and half of the reason is that you were able to do so with your friends.

19. You are at the same phase of your life as they are

You are all trying to move out on your own together, you are all broke together and you all understand the struggles of a first job.

20. It feels as if you were never apart when you get together

You are used to not seeing them for extended periods because you were separated for school breaks for four years, so when you don't see each other for a while, it's not really that big of a deal.

You know that when you reunite, you will just go right back to the way things were.

21. You can't possibly get sick of them

You've lived in the smallest of quarters with them, and if you can survive that, you can survive anything.

22. You are as comfortable with not speaking as you are with talking for hours

Sitting on a couch while playing with your phones for hours at a time is considered bonding.

23. You commiserated through the toughest times in college together

Preparing for spring break, pulling endless all-nighters in the library — you name it, you've suffered through it together.

24. They replaced the high school friends you never really liked anyway

And isn't that the best part of it all?