7 Scariest Movies To Watch On Netflix For A First Date


So, it's your first date with a special someone, and as much as you don't want to be basic, Netflix and chill might be the perfect intimate setting for your date night choice. There's nothing wrong with snuggling on the couch, and hopefully with the right movie choice, placing yourself in someone else's arms. These scary movies on Netflix should get you and your date pretty close if the blanket over your eyes isn't helping subside the flinching.

I mean, let's be real here: Who doesn't love a great scary movie? A scary movie is an ultimate starting point for conversation, and a prime excuse to hold on tight to a special someone. Delve into what really makes each of you jump, scream, or run for the hills. See, fears aren't all that bad when you're trying to come up with something to talk about, most especially on a first date. Besides, what better way to sum up your date than to see how they react to frightful things spewing out at them from Netflix? The spooky Halloween season upon us only backs up my point; it's the ultimate time of the year to let all the horror flicks stream. It's no haunted house, but it'll still give you the heads up on a few things about them. Now, if you're ready to explore a really scary movie with your first date, check out what some of these Netflix options have in store for you two.

1. Hush 

It's hard not to get major feels for the main character in this movie. Add in a purposeless, deranged killer, and you've got yourself a horrific thriller. Get super into this film with your date, and of course, debate the scenarios you would have done differently to survive. Don't forget the popcorn.

2. The Invitation

OK, not every scary movie involves some grizzly character who's missing parts of their face or chasing you down the street in basically a Christmas sweater with razors for fingers. Sometimes, the people who can harm you the most are the ones you call friends or past lovers. Yeah, it's about to get real. Buckle up for this horror film.

3. Children of the Corn

I'm sorry, but the idea of children playing, laughing, or let alone killing people inside of corn fields is completely disturbing as hell. Be prepared to hold on tight to your date throughout the entire movie, and settle in for a night of the scares. After all, Stephen King never disappoints.

4. The Babadook

This film will really give you the chills. Not only will you question everything that moves or makes a sound in the dark, but your imagination may run wild... and not in a good way. Now's a good time to explain to your date that they will have to escort you to and from the bathroom that's probably a mere 1o feet away.

5. Scream

Aside from the fact that this movie is basically a classic from the 90s, it's the perfect amount of thriller, mystery, and scandal. Let's not forget how much the line, "What's your favorite scary movie?" scared the living crap out of us. Thank god for caller ID these days now, huh?

6. Sleepy Hollow 

Ladies, as much as Johnny Depp is really an incredible gem in this movie, actually pay attention to what's going on. It's a mystery, so it's time to whip out those observation skills. Try not to lose your head, though... there's enough of that in this movie.

7. The Awakening

Scary movies and paranormal activity walk hand in hand because they toy with our knowledge of the supernatural. Step into England, where a woman tries to crack the eerie mystery of a ghost child. Watching scary movies on a first date is literally one of the most casual, laid-back things you can do. Share some popcorn, fun facts about each other -- oh, and likely a scream or two.