This Round Manicure Fail Will Scar You For Life

When you pay for a beauty service, you're definitely putting your life (No, I'm definitely not being dramatic!) in someone else's hands.

This is 100 percent the reason I cut my own hair (only one skill is required: believing in yourself), but I'm a sucker for anything related to nail art. And for that, I have to go to the professionals.

Nowadays, getting your nails done is nothing but relaxing, and you can usually find affordable salons that even provide a free alcoholic bevy. Your only requirement is to sit back, sip, and unwind, as your nail tech goes to work.

That's exactly what Emma Jones was expecting when she visited a nail salon in the UK. When making her nail request, she simply asked her technician for a "round" manicure.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the shape requests you can make at the salon, the technician will usually ask you a simple: square or rounded? But actually, there multiple other looks you can get from, "coffin" style a la Kylie Jenner to a sharp-edged square look.

Take a look at NYC salon Paintbox's handy guide on exactly what you can request:

But I don't see Jones' manicure anywhere on this list. I'm guessing she had something more along the lines of the top right shape in mind when she went in for her appointment.

But what she got was a fully rounded nail -- one that seemed to take up the entire tips of her fingers.

Jones explained to Mamamia how the mistake happened,

I was completely distracted at the salon because we were talking about my experiences in Turkey, as I have just come back from a holiday, so I headed out the salon and got in my car and thought what on earth has he done!

The worst part? The client actually paid for these.

According to the Facebook post, Jones paid £35 for this manicure, which is roughly equal to $45 in the States. I don't know about you, but I'd def skip out on paying for these and request a do-over. Mistakes happen -- especially when you're both daydreaming over a recent vacation -- but still, I'd hope I would notice before I left the salon.

Luckily Jones' aunt, Angela Blemmings, quickly offered to fix the situation, and posted the literally skin-crawling image of the nail fail to her Facebook account.

After stripping the holographic color, Blemmings then posted the updated version of Jones' nails so the public could finally rest easy, knowing that balance has once again been restored to the world.

Honestly? The moral of the story here is to never communicate with strangers. Literally, if Jones wasn't making small talk at the nail salon, this would have never happened.

Just stick to yourselves, folks. Being nice and chatty just isn't worth it anymore.