7 Realistic Goals In Your 20s That Have Nothing To Do With Getting A BF

by Tessa Harvey

You've heard it all before: Your 20s is the prime time for discovering yourself, finding your people, setting realistic goals, and making memories that'll last you the next 50 years. It's the amazing highlight you read about in magazines and see advertised in your favorite TV shows. So, why are many of us so focused on something else entirely?

It seems that in all of that "live-it-up" talk, a similar message works its way into the mix. Somewhere between finding yourself, getting your dream job, and living your best life, you're also expected to find the right someone. And boy, does this imaginary person mess with our heads.

Don't let your hopes and dreams totally depend on this person in your 20s... because your inner happiness is all on you. Sure, it's OK to have a BF in your 20s. It's also OK to want a BF in your 20s. But its not OK to fixate on this imaginary relationship as being the hallmark goal of this monumental decade of your life. Our years are way too short to not be living for a hell of a lot more. Here are seven realistic goals in your 20s that have nothing to do with getting a BF.

Michela Ravasio

1. Graduate From Wherever You Are

Just keep working. Whether you're taking the next step and graduating to the next level of a job you got out of high school, or graduating with your Master's degree, just get it done. Focus on you and why you want to achieve this next part of your life.

2. Find A Place In A City You Love

You know that place you've been daydreaming about since you could barely write your name? Yeah, make it a reality. You're in your 20s, so now's the time to make the big leap.

3. Make Some Friends You Can't Imagine Life Without

Simone Becchetti

It's clichéd, but now is also the time to meet your main squad. Put your energy into people who make you happy and support you earnestly. Don't waste your time on rotten friendships.

4. Get To Know Yourself Really Well

Forget forcing a relationship and focus on figuring out yourself. Keep a daily journal, go on a yoga retreat, or try out an instrument. There's no harm in having a strong hold on who you are and what you want in life.

5. Make A Signature Meal

Ania Boniecka

No one said you have to be a chef, but these years are a perfect time to learn how to make something a little better than Ramen noodles. Think of your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant, and try to replicate it. It'll take some time (OK, maybe a lot of time), but when you're done, you'll be glad you can whip up something nice when your guests come visit.

6. Support Yourself Financially

Knowing you have the job and security to support yourself has got to be one of the proudest moments of your 20s. Hustle hard and make your way through the rough patches. Take help from those who offer it, and one day, you can check this one off your list.

7. Go See The World

OK, maybe not the entire world. But, do try to see some of it. The world is your oyster right now. Try and squeeze in an international trip or two while you have the time to do it.