An Ode To Millennials: Why I'm Proud To Be Part Of The Best Generation

Lauren Na

Despite what others may say, I'm proud to be a Millennial and I'll tell you why.

Despite the really unnecessary things my generation does, I'm here to defend them. I'm here to stand up against the naysayers, and tell everyone that Millennials probably know what they're talking about more often than not.

I'm not sitting here saying that we're not obnoxious, that we're spoiled and that we “literally can't even.” However, I'm saying that the child-like innocence that inhibits each and every one of our souls becomes apparent; our narcissism can almost be viewed as a kind of optimism that gets us what we want.

Nothing stands in the way of Generation-Y.

My generation, my fellow Millennials, is often used and abused as a parody to shed some light on the simple and hardworking generations that precede us. Well, I'm here to challenge this perspective.

Just because our generation is more technologically savvy, more optimistic and can actually attain the things we want because the windows of opportunity are that much more available, does NOT mean that we're not just as hardworking.

The thing is, we don't have to be. This is because opportunity, and our ability to execute our goals, is quite literally at the tips of our fingers. Can I get an amen?

I'm a nanny, so I'll be the first to admit that it's really scary to see kids -- more like babies -- come out of their mother's vagina knowing how to work the damn iPad. I mean, the fact that they even have an iPad is mind-boggling. I'd like an iPad.

Anyway, it's not their fault that they came out of the womb innately knowing and understanding how to work all facets of technology. Statistics show that 86 percent of Millennials own a smartphone and 83 percent of the 86 percent text as opposed to actually speaking on the phone.

Keeping these statistics in mind, we can conclude that this is the kind of communication our world survives on today, there's no going back.

Not to mention, our generation has the best forms of entertainment. Again, I'm not suggesting things haven't become more complex; I mean, story plots on television have become a tad outrageous.

However, I'm suggesting that anybody these days can get their voices heard and showcase their talents at the drop of a hat. Of course, things can become complicated with how easy it can be, yet it gives everybody the equal opportunity we deserve.

I mean, think about it. Our generation is smart enough to know that there's an ever-growing population and it's impossible to find those diamonds in the rough, those needles in the hay stack and the cream of the crop.

So, let's give ourselves a nice pat on the back for changing the dynamics and making it that much easier to find our place in the world.

Also, as we become increasingly more aware, my generation finds authenticity to be sexy. We find that there's beauty and relevance to being true to one's self, and this becomes our most attractive form of entertainment. (Think Amy Schumer, because, why not?)

So, maybe plot points are more extensive and things aren't as simple as they were back in the day.

Yet, I'll take a witty, stimulating and authentic environment ANY day of the week. Authenticity is prevalent in today's society, and it's evident our generation accentuates just that.

The more that our capabilities become widespread, the more they become interwoven among our youth. Thus, resulting in a less ignorant, more versatile and much more adaptable generation and generations thereafter.

The point is this: You can't blame millennials for adapting to our environment. Therefore, my Millennial generation isn't to blame. Leave us alone.

We're smart and we own it. That's all I have to say about that.