22 Pinterest-Perfect Poses For Wedding Pictures With Your Bridesmaids


Your girl squad has been there for you during the good and the bad. They've been your shoulder to cry on, so now it's time to celebrate together. As you inch closer to your wedding day, your besties will be by your side to keep you calm and level-headed.

On your big day, you and your bridesmaids will look nothing less than the best. You've been planning for months down to the last tiny detail, and it's finally time to show off all your hard work. Grab your girls and your photographer to capture these once-in-a-lifetime pictures with your bridesmaids.

1. Take an example from these sorority sisters.

A Gamma Phi Beta sisterhood is not 4 years, it's for life! You'll find your future bridesmaids! tamucc21 @GPhiBTAMUCC #rushgammaphi #ΓΦΒ — Felicia Chavarria (@mrsfeliciachav) July 23, 2017

2. A candid laugh is always classic.

Breathtaking Sophia and her bridesmaids sparkling in our sequin gowns. Shop the dress on: #Goddiva #GoddivaGirl — (@goddivafashion) July 17, 2017

3. Include the groom for a small group photo.

These bridesmaid dresses though We love everything about this photo! See more at — UKbride (@EditorUKbride) July 17, 2017

4. You can always try to get a few laughs.

They've got her back but he'd steal her heart anyway.#Wedzo #IndianWedding #Wedding #Bridesmaids #BrideTribe — Wedzo (@wedzoIN) July 17, 2017

5. Replace the bridesmaids with groomsmen, if they'll be good sports.

Do you like this idea?? When the guys replace 'bridesmaids'..Photo via twitter #sugarweddings — Ms. Sugar (@SugarWeddings) July 17, 2017

6. When in doubt, recreate the Bridesmaids movie poster.

Get the bride and her girls to pose like the cover of "Bridesmaids"! yessss have to do this!!! — Kayden Garver (@KaydenGarversti) July 17, 2017

7. Show off the beautiful mismatched bridesmaids gowns.

Please RT #weddings #brides The Case of the Mismatched Bridesmaids — Romantic Wedding (@romanticwedd) July 16, 2017

8. Zoom in on those stunning bouquets.

Trying to decide on mismatched bridesmaid dresses? Read these pros & cons first: : Brumley & Wells — mywedding (@myweddingdotcom) July 16, 2017

9. Put your arms around each other for a casual portrait.

Can you say, "Bridesmaid Goals"?! These stylin' ladies are #onGWS: — Jen Campbell (@grnweddingshoes) July 16, 2017

10. Have a little fun at a local bar.

This is funny...but what I really like is how all the bridesmaids are in a solid orange dress and th — Isiah Wright (@IsiahWrightGuy) July 16, 2017

11. Keep your color scheme in check for a beautiful balance.

Love this photo from @hbaxterphotography of our gorgeous bride Sophie and her beautiful bridesmaids at @peckforton… — Laura MacPherson (@LaurelWeddings) July 16, 2017

12. Snap a pic from the back to show off flowing dresses.

BRIDAL PARTY GOALS Gorgeous flowy bridesmaids gowns via @jennyandgerrys #bridesmaids #bridesmaidsdresses — Eternal Bridal (@EternalBridal) July 16, 2017

13. If your bridal party is a little daring, don't be afraid to get a bit... cheeky.

What do you think ladies? Cosmo says this is the next big thing in bridesmaids photos!! Cheeky huh — TDR Bridesmaids (@tdrbridesmaids) July 16, 2017

14. Keep the eyes on the bride.

Please RT #weddings #brides How One Bride Styled Her 12 Bridesmaids to Perfecton — Amazing Weddings (@allweddingss) July 16, 2017

15. Take a new kind of mirror pic.

Bride and bridesmaids getting ready for wedding. Wedding photo ideas — Helen Farahnak (@HelFarVie) July 16, 2017

16. Just be your sweet, sassy selves.

Bridesmaids — (@BlaqThumbelina) July 16, 2017

17. Get a little artsy with your bouquets.

CULT BUY: The bridesmaid dress that suits any shape or size. (Yes, really.) — Mamamia (@Mamamia) July 15, 2017

18. Include a cute prop for some extra whimsy.

So sad to hear @AlfredAngelo stores are closing my bridesmaid dresses are from them — kg (@kherr409) July 14, 2017

19. Surround the bride on her big day.

from @slrlounge - 8 Fun Bridesmaid Poses #tips #photography — Joe Sturgess (@Sturge87) December 12, 2015

20. Try a new take on a classic pose.

Via @2lifeWeddings CIRCLE OF FRIENDS Get creative and dream up some fun poses to try for pics with your bridesmaids — Linda Sanabria (@lsanabria17) October 12, 2015

21. L.O.V.E.

Funny Wedding Photography Poses | ... fun bridesmaid wedding photo and can also ... - ... - — Funny Clone (@funnyclone) October 8, 2015

22. Look through a scrapbook of memories together on the big day.

Kelly's bridesmaids created a special scrapbook of memories as a surprise for her! #gettingready #mpwweddings #bridesmaids — Rachel Griffin (@weddingtalk1) July 17, 2017