Bridesmaids Share The Most Basic AF Things The Bride Made Them Do For The Wedding

Being a bridesmaid over and over again may start to feel pretty monotonous.

Though no matter how many times you take on the role of being a member of the bride's squad, some things are different from time to time.

One of those things are the weird requests the bride may ask of you.

Some of the requests may be totally absurd, like asking you to buy an expensive bridesmaid dress or color your hair. But some requests may be so generic and basic, you just want to roll your eyes throughout the entire wedding adventure.

Just check out what these six bridesmaids say the most basic thing a bride made them do is:

1. Have a photoshoot with Pumpkin Spice Lattes

My best friend from college got married a few days after Starbucks released their fall PSLs and, because my friend is obsessed, she made all the bridesmaids go and get the drink. After that, she made the photographer do a whole photoshoot of us drinking them. It seriously looked like we were a bunch of girls in bridesmaid dresses posing for a Starbucks ad.

— Lori S., 27

2. Wear matching, monogrammed leggings

We were all in the same sorority, so we were kind of used to wearing matching things, but I wasn't down to have to do it again at age 28. The bride got us all these monogrammed leggings with matching tops, and then, she made us wear it out in public every day of the bachelorette party. We all looked so stupid walking around Nashville and matching. I hated every second of it and never will wear the leggings or shirt again.

— Christy P., 29

3. Take a series of generic photos

No joke, the bride researched the most popular wedding photos that people take and then made us take those exact ones. She gave the list to the photographer early on. All the photos we took were like the ones you always see people post on Instagram — jumping on a bed together, looking at each other laughing and so on. When she later posted the photos on Facebook, I untagged myself from all of them and reported it as spam. I was so embarrassed.

— Liz P., 27

4. Wear matching tiaras

We all had to wear matching tiaras for the bride's Atlantic City bachelorette party. We looked like babies. People kept coming up to us and screaming "PRINCESSES!" at us all weekend. It was so basic and annoying. We were grown adults wearing crowns like spoiled brats. She wanted to feel like a queen and make all of us feel like her princess slaves.

— Tami W., 27

5. Get our hair balayaged

I was so pissed when this happened, but a few years ago, when balayaged hair started getting trendy, the bride, who was my cousin, made me and her two other bridesmaids get our hair done like that. She wanted us to all have similar, trendy hair, and that was the style she picked. It cost me $175 to do. I hated having to color my hair for her wedding just because she wanted us to look trendy.

— Jessica A., 31

6. Go to Vegas

I took part of the most basic bachelorette party of my life! We had to go to Vegas, and we literally did exactly what you'd think we'd do — clubs, slots, strip clubs, shots, matching outfits and the bride had a sash. We literally blended in with 60 other bachelorette parties happening at the same time. She put the whole thing on Instagram, too. It was basic to the max.

— Dani S., 29