6 People You Really Need To Wipe Out Of Your Life In Order To Have A Happy Fall

Jakob Owens/ Unsplash

Fall is literally the season of renewal and freshness. If there's anything you want to embody about fall, it's the shedding of the old, and embracing the new. Just like the beautiful trees, you should want to get rid of things and people you don't need in order to start anew and reach peak happiness.

It's no mystery every relationship we have affects us. We have a hefty role in the human experience of the people we decide to share our lives with. With that being said, not everyone you meet is meant to stay in your life simply because they've been around for however long. It's time let go of some unnecessary, unhealthy weight. If you're having troubling delegating who should be in your life, try starting with these types of people first.

1. The People Who Just Freeload

Look, we may all be a tad guilty of reaping the benefits of anything that's free or offered to us. But no healthy friendship can flourish if one person is only there for the handouts. Friendship isn't a material thing.

2. The Merciless One-Sided Convo Holder

Everyone deserves to be heard when they need to vent about something. If you find you can never get a word in, or when you do, it always seems to come second to whatever is going on in this other person's life, it's time to ditch it. Friendship really is a two way street. Any one-sided relationship deserves the boot, ASAP.

3. The Overly Critiquing Type

It's OK to take constructive criticism. It's the delivery that determines whether it is still constructive or nit picky. No one's perfect, and as long as you're comfortable in your own skin, the rest is just background noise.

4. The People Who Bring Out Your Worst

If you find you become almost unrecognizable when you congregate with a certain crowd, it's time for them to go. Real friends don't have you acting out of character; they help you build character.

5. The Relentless Negative Nancy

Negativity really is a silent killer. It's already bad enough we have to get out of the habit of being negative ourselves. Having another person who's constantly a gray cloud over your head does absolutely nothing for you.

6. Anyone Unwilling To Accept Growth And Change

Change is scary, and growth can be intimidating. Your real friends will be there for both because they genuinely want the best for you. Stop letting people's insecurities hold you back from reaching your full potential.

It may not be spring, but it's certainly time for some cleaning and cleansing as we approach a new season. It's your life, which means you control the people who remain in it. Don't settle for toxic friendships at the expense of your own happiness.