5 New Year's Resolutions All Pet Owners Should Make In 2017

January 1 signifies the start of a new you.

Maybe your resolution is to lose weight, take that new job offer or go on that overdue vacation you've been dreaming about for years. Regardless of what you choose for yourself, you should also consider making new year's resolutions for your pets.

With the amount of love and happiness your pets brings you every day, why not set a goal that will benefit them?

With the new year approaching, this is the perfect opportunity to dedicate more time and attention to your furry friend.

Here are five new year's resolutions that will give your pets all the health and happiness they deserve!

1. Give your pet the necessary nutrients.

The best way to give your pets a long and prosperous life begins with the food you feed them.

It can be a challenge deciphering which pet food is best for their overall health. Some of the biggest brands are filled with harmful preservatives and mysterious byproducts that can cause serious health issues down the road.

Make sure you carefully analyze the ingredients in your pet food purchases. Just like the saying goes, you are what you eat, and the same applies for your pet!

2. Even your pet needs a good night's sleep.

Ever have a restless night of sleep and wake up feeling groggy, and possibly even sick?

Well, believe it or not, lack of sleep in your pet can leave the same effect.

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Now flip to the other side of the coin. Having a well-rested night surely has its obvious benefits. Sleep increases productivity, reduces stress and can even aid in weight loss.

Little sleep for your four-legged companion can have a huge impact on not only his or her overall health, but also daily behavior.

3. Find an exercise that you both enjoy.

Whether it's a weekly trip to your local doggy beach, or the two of you spending a Sunday afternoon hiking in your local mountains, find an activity that both you and your pooch can enjoy.

If you are naturally more of a cat person, make sure you set aside some quality time to play games with their favorite toy.

4. Have a customized diet plan.

In between meals, your pets might give you extra love and attention knowing they will most likely be rewarded with a treat.

You might be doing this without even realizing, and now your pets have you tightly wrapped around their paws.

While a few treats here and there won't cause too much harm, having extra calories every single day can make them overweight, just like in humans.

Implement a strict eating schedule every morning and night to ensure that your pet is getting the right amount of food so extra pounds don't creep up.

5. Make a yearly appointment with your vet.

Even though your pet may not happily agree, visiting your local vet is crucial for preventative care.

The sooner your vet can detect any health issues, the faster they will be able to treat your pets.

Not only is this appointment beneficial for your pet, but it is also a much-needed check up for yourself as well. This is the perfect time for you to ask your vet for any recommendations or ask any questions you might have.

Bring in the new year not only with yourself in mind, but also with your loving pet. After all, they've become more like family, and they deserve the proper attention throughout the year — just like you.

Stick with these five recommendations so both you and your pet can have the healthiest year yet. Let's do this, 2017.

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