How Netflix Could Actually Be The Best Dating Site Out There

by Ashley Fern

It's safe to say that basically everyone with access to the Internet has a Netflix subscription.

For only $7.99 a month, it would be ridiculous not to pay for this incredible service that allows you to watch a plethora of movies and TV shows at the press of a button.

Sure, if Netflix delivered pizza, it would be even more awesome -- but that's what Seamless is for.

Where would we be without Netflix? Watching awful commercials, that's where. Thanks to Netflix, we can bypass the bullsh*t and get down to what we want to watch, when we want to watch it.

But what if Netflix took itself to the next level and became the ultimate dating site... Genius, right?

Of course, we wouldn't want our Netflix dating profiles to be completely public, so there would have to be a privacy filtering option... because no one needs to know how many times you watched "The Notebook" last week.

But, hear me out. First dates would never be awkward because you would be discussing your favorite TV shows with someone who is just as invested as you are.

You won't sound like an overly enthused fan because your Netflix match would be on the exact same level as you. Look how well you got to know each other already -- and it's only date number one!

Here's how Netflix could make the ultimate pivot and not only feed you good content, but good connections, too:

1. Looking to binge with someone in your area?

You and 16 people just gave "Orange Is The New Black" five stars.

2. Can't find anything to watch?

Six other singles in your area are stuck too, would you like to send them a suggestion?

3. Do you love chemistry and think Jesse Pinkman is a crybaby?

You're not the only person who's been watching "Breaking Bad" for the past 12 1/2 hours...

4. Horror movies freak you out?

Netflix is showing at least four people in your area with blankets to hide under.

5. Enjoy terrible rom-coms?

Two people in a 5-mile radius are willing to share a pint of ice cream.

6. Like pretentious foreign films?

Netflix is registering at least three other snobs in your luxury high-rise building.

7. Had any sexual contact with a neighbor in the past nine months?

Someone near you has just watched, "What To Expect When You're Expecting"...

8. Have a weird thing for Shonda Rhimes?

Maybe it's time for you and nine other singles in your area to get "Scandalous"...

9. Know "Mean Girls" by heart?

You and five others in your city just excitedly tweeted that "Mean Girls" has been added to the Netflix rolodex...

10. Adore animated films?

You can be the Lady, that guy across the hall can be the Tramp.

11. Have a MILF-obsession?

Several hot older women in your area have been watching "The Graduate." It may be time to send a personal message.

12. Looking for a nice Jewish boy?

It seems individuals in your area have been watching "Seinfeld" and Woody Allen films...

13. Do you care for causes when they're trending?

Cozy up with a fellow pseudo-activist and watch some documentaries.

14. Have an odd obsession with sexual violence?

You and someone in your neighborhood have been watching Detective Benson and Stabler kill it on "Law & Order: SVU" for a week straight.