Lifestyle — Why You Need To Get Over Your FOMO
by Kelley Lord

When it comes to FOMO — or fear of missing out, for the uninitiated — the struggle is real. Even though you might want to go out with your friends, sometimes you need to take a break and hang at home. Most people think that it's only on nights like these that you'd get FOMO.

Ah, if only.

The truth of the matter is that FOMO can strike at any moment. Even when you are out, there's no stopping you from wanting to be at a higher profile sporting event, a cooler concert or maybe even your comfy couch.

But it doesn't have to be this way. The older you get, the more you realize that FOMO is just a state of mind. It can be conquered. You have to become confident in your own decisions. If you choose to stay in and attempt to cook that Thai recipe you've been dying to try, then that is your prerogative. There will be plenty of opportunities to go out in the future, and sometimes you just need to focus on yourself.

So the next time you're starting to get that FOMO feeling, remember this universal truth: Alone time is the best time. Sure, your BFFs might all be dressed to the nines and posting the same group pic from the hottest new club, but you're cuddled up in fuzzy socks and your comfiest sweatshirt, ready to hit the hay at 9pm so you can get up the next morning and train for your upcoming triathlon.

In my eyes, you're the one who is winning, my friend.

Until we can travel in time, there's just no way any of us can be in two places at once. And FOMO is really just a slippery slope: If you let it take control of you, then there's no telling where it'll end (well actually it's likely to end in a fit of pure exhaustion since it just isn't possible to do everything).

GEN WHY is back to remind you that you need to chill with the FOMO, and special guest Ayesha Curry is joining to share her tips on how you can control it.

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