5 Reasons You Should Embrace Your Singleness By Moving To A New City

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There is something magical about packing up and relocating to a new city. Being in a creative industry can provide you with more opportunities to pack up your life and move.

However, when you actually move to your dream city without knowing anyone, it can be difficult to get situated. As exciting as it sounds to live your dream life in a new city, it can simultaneously be extremely overwhelming.


It's one thing to be in a new place for a week or two and be a tourist, but it's a whole other thing when you're no longer a tourist, but a resident in a new city.

On the other hand, being single in a new city can come with a ton of benefits. Instead of relying on someone else to gain a sense of your new home, you get the wonderful opportunity to explore your new city on your own terms.

This allows you to not have any memories of going to a café with an ex, for example. You have this beautiful ability to do absolutely whatever you want, whenever you want.

Here are some endless benefits that come with being single in a new city:

1. You become incredibly independent.

We're all under the impression college is where we gain independence from our parents. However, we really can't gain independence while our parents continue to feed money into our bank accounts on the regular to make sure we can pay rent on time.

But moving away from home and exploring new opportunities can give us a great excuse to become more independent. Although it's always nice to have financial help, it feels a hell of a lot better to know you achieved financial security on your own.

Kayla Snell

The confidence boost you receive is simply priceless.

2. You find your identity.

Moving to a new city allows you to have the ease to discover who you truly are. You learn more and more about yourself when you face some of your fears.

In fact, moving to a new city provides you with a beautiful opportunity to face any fears you may have harbored about anything unfamiliar.

Being in a new city is an unfamiliar experience in the beginning. When you finally make the massive move to a new city, you allow yourself the opportunity to truly figure out what you want from life.

You begin to see what your soul truly wants out of life, and are able to become clear on your desires.

3. You become a fearless badass.

If you thought you were strong before, think again: Moving to a new city will make you a superhero when compared to your old self.

Your skin instantly thickens when you take the massive step of moving to a new city. In fact, it's incredibly important to not let fear get in the way of your new adventure.

Obviously, it will be terrifying to move to a new city... but at the end of the day, you will become a better version of yourself.

4. You find out who your real friends are.

Obviously, you will continue to make friends in your new city. However, moving away from family and friends will put up obstacles when you try to keep up with your friends from your hometown.


Therefore, it's important to continue communicating with family and friends, even as you transition to life in your new city.

Thanks to technology, you have no excuse to let friendships fall by the wayside. It may not be the same as hugging your mom, but giving her a call daily can make your transition seamless.

5. You become OK being alone.

Some of us have a strong fear of being alone. There is a severe uncomfortableness that comes with being all alone.

However, sitting alone in your new apartment can serve you well. Going out by yourself forces you to get comfortable with the concept of being alone.

Allowing yourself to be alone and comfortable can only serve you well in the long run. In fact, being comfortable alone will allow you to become happy with yourself.

As a result, you no longer seek happiness from any external source. Instead, you know you can access INTERNAL happiness, which will allow you to live your life for yourself and no one else.

At the end of the day, living your best life as your best self is the optimal way to succeed.